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What are the Hot Topics in the field of children and development (i.e. UNICEF) at the moment? Any major trends or issues coming up?

I am working as consultant at UNICEF in Florence and have the specific task to develop an online space for expert discussions - virtual round tables - in UNICEF areas of work. Right now, I am looking for current and controversial debate topics, in line with the global problems related to children. Do you have any bright ideas or sources to ideas?

I look forward to your response!

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    Jun 7 2011: Ms. Ostling, I believe our children should be trained to receive and give unconditional love. I believe this is the only kind of love that we can give our children that satisfy their deepest need for happiness. When our children are deeply happy, I believe they will be more powerful to resist the temptation of vices (happiness substitutes) and can have a greater chance of maximizing their greatest potential.

    I recommend we make a deeper research on the power of real love and create a program or integrate it in our programs to care for our children. The following link show the excerpts of real love gathered from my other blog.
  • Jun 4 2011: This is a great topic! Thank you for bringing it up here at TED.

    I am aware of these issues and opportunities:

    - utilize new ways to teach children by using the power of the Internet: free access to online courses and videos (like and free encyclopedia (like

    - work with organizations like TED ED ( to develop appropriate educational material

    - support and educate girls so that they develop confidence and awareness about their equality, rights and self determination

    - prevent use of children as soldiers

    - should we pay parents so they let their kids go to school instead of work?
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    Jun 3 2011: I think we need to start a dialogue about who is responsible for helping the world's children. In the Us we fight over who is responsible for paying for developmental services. The insurance companies pass the buck to the school systems who argue that they have no funding and in the mean time, children suffer.