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Should Drugs be Legalised?

In the Independent, the UK's politically neutral and arguably most informative daily newspaper, there has been some interesting articles and debates regarding calls to legalise some or all drugs as the so called 'War on drugs' has undoubtedly failed.

So says a panel of world leaders who called yesterday for the biggest shake-up of drug laws in half a century. "The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world," declared the Global Commission on Drug Policy. "Fundamental reforms... are urgently needed."

The Commission, which counts the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan along with former presidents of Brazil, Mexico and Colombia as members, believes governments must now experiment with "legal regulation of drugs."

Ecstasy, which is currently considered a class-A substance, ought to be reclassified in line with medical opinion that it is far less dangerous than legal drugs such as nicotine and alcohol, the report suggests. Users of narcotics should be offered education and treatment, rather than being incarcerated, it advises. And countries which insist on continuing a "law enforcement" approach to drug crime should focus resources on taking down high-level traffickers, rather than arresting everyday drug mules and street dealers

My initial response was an astounding no. However if we was to view it from a more critical view, such as the the success of stopping drug use and the millions of pounds spent on the 'war on drugs'.. I do feel there needs to be some changes.

- Should all drugs be legalised?
- Should some drugs be legalised? if so - which ones and why?
- what would be the affects of a shift in the laws?

Here is the main article on the subject. Let me know what you think.



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    Jun 4 2011: I go on the hard line about this issue.
    Any stuff we certainly know is harmful to a person and the society should remain illegal, banned (yes in my opinion it includes alcohol and nicotine). Everything of it should be banned, production, marketing, distribution, sales and consumption, regardless of culture, religion, geographic location or situation.
    About medical use of harmful addictive drugs, I don't have much knowledge how much it is really necessary to use all these harmful substances as medicines anyway, if we have alternative safe elements we need to avoid the use of all sort of addictive drags in medical treatment. And of course no so-called legalization for the sake of medical use.

    There's absolutely no point in letting people do a bad thing just because they might have the 'right' to do it. No, people have no right to do anything harmful to the society and even to themselves.
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      Jun 5 2011: Northing should be banned.
      We're adults, we do what we want.
      I hate the idea of the state "banning" something, who are they to decide.
      Drinking booze is great, I love it. What next do you want to ban....eating red meat?
      There is not such as Society, we interact as free individuals, contracting and trading together as we choose.
      If I want to drink Red Wine, smoke Weed, snort Nutmeg or whatever, that's none of your concern or my neighbours, and absolutely not the Government. They should stop stealing all my money in the name of "tax", and leave me alone to enjoy my life as I choose.
      How can you be so arrogant as to say something should be banned if people might harm themselves with it - knives (what, we're going to eat with our hands?), cars (oh dear, I might crash and kill myself), trousers (oh, I might slip whilst putting them on and break my neck). A decent bottle of Red wine is no more dangerous than a bad pair of trousers.
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      Jun 6 2011: i understand what you are saying, but i am being realistic. forget about morality for just a second and think about the practical and economic points here.

      at the minute most harmful drugs, are illegal and we are spending an ansaly large sum of money annually across the globe in enforcing it and the fact is, it is not working.
      as for banning nicotine and alcohol, they are too entrenched into our social lives now after centuries of indulging and now it is absolutely irreversible.

      do you not at all feel even the slightest that it would be in the best interests for the greater community that the money squandered on the drug users to let people make their own minds up about what they want to do to themselves? why does there need to be complete control? we are all humans, all individuals. the more rules there are the more rules will be broken.

      i am not in favor of drugs at all but i do feel that the current situation can not continue.
      people should be helped not punished. police time and money should go into the major traffickers not the small time street corner yob. the police could then get back to doing real police work and making community's feel safer.

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