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What if TED utilized the mind mapping technology that is found in Visual Thesaurus so that we can visualized our collective ideas?

We could see who our ideas grow and evolve. We could run them through various filters to see them from different perspectives.

What if we could compare them to events using similar technology used for WEBBOT?

  • Feb 21 2011: Great Idea Konrad! In fact, we at MindMeister.com have been live mind mapping TEDx talks for quite some time now. We've covered TEDx Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Pannonia, Vienna, and UBC, with more to come this year!

    By conducting live mind mappings, we're offering two values: 1. Those that could not attend the event can still tune in and receive the most essential parts to each presenters' talk, and 2. a permanent online archive of the TEDx event, a document that can be reviewed days, weeks, months, later.

    A prime example of this format can be viewed at:


    and an overview of all of our projects can be found at:


    Any questions...feel free to ping me. :)
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    Feb 17 2011: great idea, conceptualize it and present it to the ted community and ted leaders. if they like it they'll adopt it.