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Speakers at TEDGlobal 2011

TEDGlobal 2011 speaker lineup is announced. Which talks do you want to watch?

My list is:
Hasan Elahi
Ben Goldacre
Justin Hall-Tipping
Ben Kacyra

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    Jun 4 2011: Hi Ahmet! How you doing? It was a pleasure meeting you at Oxford last year.

    I generally don't like to highlight any talk anymore before the conference, first 2 times I did, and it led to disappointment :-p
    Rather at TED most often I find the most interesting talks from the least expected speakers! So I don't like to make a list anymore :)
    This time I am not attending TED Global, I will watch online, either I will randomly watch whenever I manage time and sync my sleep or I will watch all of them.