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Was intelligence, nature's plan from the very beginning? To clarify some points about this debate.

Since the start of life there have been many variations and grading of species. Some species stopped evolving millions of years ago and others have gone on to evolve when they would have been more successfull, not do have done so. Crocodiles and sharks are just two examples. It appears, after years of research, that the reason for this scaling down was to allow intelligent life to have a better chance of survival. This pattern suggests that evolution is not random, therefore there must be a natural explanation. The best way to solve a problem is by understanding it, this applies to the meaning of life as much as any other problem! Darwin's theory on primates is just that, a theory. Could it be that they stopped evolving because intelligent life had been accomplished? This would fit in with the rest of the pattern.


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    Feb 18 2011: "This pattern suggest evolution is not random...." "this applies to the meaning of life" "stopped evolving because intelligent life had been accomplished"? Poor Darwin. To be so misunderstood by so many. Surely, we are not the acme, the end of the eveloutionary line! The very idea that "evolution " can or would stop is contradictory. Short or long arcs in evolution could be random or not, no? Mutations occur naturally and "unnaturally", from within or as a result of outside forces.
    • Mar 14 2011: Hi, I did not intend to give you any idea that evolution had ended with intelligence. With intelligence came a different path for evolution to explore. Let me explain why I think evolution is not random. With intelligence comes an awarness of our own mortality and all the emotions that go with it. Some of these emotions will be the most unbearable we will experience. The reign of the dinosaur and its purpose is never aired, on the other hand its demise has been reconstructed so many times. it is obvious that science is only theorizing. I will now give you my theory, one theory is as good as the other. Was the reign of the dinosaur to boost the intelligence of the smaller and more vulnerable species and its demise was to allow that intelligence to flourish! It's the same principle with the emotions we now experience with the knowledge of our own mortality. Is evolution forging us on to some unknown destiny. Things are not always what they seem, make a mistake in evolution and we will go down the wrong path and it will be almost impossible to get back. Having said that I think nature will always find a way, that what makes these disscussions so interesting, if everything was right at this moment in time there would be no conversations. I deal with the outside forces in a new debate. (How life started and its meaning.)

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