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Global Comprehensive Information Technology

I may be a fool to ponder such an idea, but at the age of 19 I cannot help dreaming of the possibilities of the future. With the exponential growth in nano, system, and networking technology I believe that sometime in the near future, and I would hope with great influence on my part, a technology may arise that could collect, process, and analyze data on a global scale unlike anything we have ever seen. The technological world we live in depends on data and information gained by observation, experiments, and calculation of all facets of science. However, I believe that through the power of nanotechnology, system networking, and large scale computation, all the data we may ever need collected in the world and even universe can be obtained. By compiling billions of nanites with a multitude of sensors, valuable information can be obtained about our environment. Measuring gas, liquid and solid substance's properties in real-time at any known condition, tracking wind, ocean, and even electromagnetic field movement, predicting weather forecasts more accurately than ever before, and eventually, even collect data on every single living human being on the planet. The application is limitless and the computational size of this task immense, however, I believe that in due time this kind of detailed analysis of our world may be possible...and I want to be the propogator of this idea.

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    Jun 5 2011: Brilliant idea,love to hear the young want to push forward,the only way to get the public to accept a chip implant fast is to blow out the importance of chipping Paedophiles then as the outcry builds, chip murderers,rapists then eventually everyone,i'm not knocking you bud but the techies since the early nineties realised or could be earlier,that we have to change over to a higher code,possibly 4 units instead of 2,i don't know it was a longtime ago i read the book and can't remember who wrote it just the words "DNA base code" stuck in the memory.

    I suppose theres an easier way to implement chipping,blowout the need for digital the first A.I DNA's not impossible if the planet devotes 1% of it's resources to it,no!,hang on,that's better suited to A.G,the planets best techs belonging to a planet university that has no allegiance to any state system? funded by the planet beyond political power.stupid idea but i thought it was funny,one would think you would look to the organic?whats the biggest network on the planet?it's been here longer than us.we can utilise it with nanotech.Theres a soil found in south america that is unlike any other on the planet,some speculate that it was engineered,wait a few days i'll find the posted a great idea.
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      Jun 7 2011: Thanks alot for your input. You are probably right with the idea that it would have to start out at a smaller scale like with cirminals of some kind so that they can be monitered and eventually regular society will want to use them to moniter loved ones and themselves. Let me know if you do find any more information about the subject. Thanks