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When, how, and why did you become an atheist?

When- the time and place in your life
How- the process of realization
Why- what were the reasons for the change

If you were an atheist your whole life, maybe share your experiences of growing-up in a dogmatic theistic world.

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    Jun 3 2011: Im not from a religious family, so it was never that religion was forced upon me like it has been to so many unfortunate others, so for me, it was no particular time, it was just a slow logical realisation.

    I remember a few of my earliest questions:

    Why is there no talk of dinosaurs in the bible?
    surely, no ark would be big enough for all those animals from all those continents?
    Heaven: everyone would be old?!
    Who's god side is god on during a war?

    they got me thinking outside the box. then I got hooked to animal documentaries, many of which talked about the miracles of evolution. piece by piece i learned about the advances in science and it's endless, relentless search for answers and the opposing, impossible blind faith. a celebrating atheist i became.

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