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Which TED or TEDx talk moved you to take action?

Getting real beneficial change incorporated into organizations or local communities (or your own self) can be daunting. Have you taken an inspiring story described by a TED speaker and put it into practice? Have you put down a school garden? Composed a symphony, or a poem? Have you created a prototype of something that hasn't previously existed? Worked with people to get something done that has been languishing or seemed insurmountable? Have you found a new way to approach a problem that has made a difference? Is it being sustained?

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    Jun 9 2011: Very easy for me, Taylor. After watching Jose Antonio Abreu win the 2009 TED Stage Prize and then seeing Gustavo Dudamel conduct the National Youth Orchestra live from Caracas, I decided to make his wish come true. I founded the Atlanta Music Project, and "El Sistema" is now transforming Atlanta's underprivileged youth.
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    Jun 30 2011: Sir Ken Robinson's talk titled "schools kill creativity" moved me greatly. I have always felt the public education system in America is broken and his talk just reinforced this belief.
  • Jun 9 2011: The talk which truly inspired me was Chip Conley's "Measuring what makes life worthwhile" (TED 2010).The interesting element in him which made me change my views regarding man's response to what the Almighty gifts him is his baffling humility.In the present world,it is very very difficult to discover a human side in any person(including myself).I generally was a very bright student at school(I passed out this year),and the tinge of I-am-better-than-others arrogance naturally grew.People on an average are insensitive to those who have been left out in some sense on grounds of lifestyle,education,or wealth.This lecture taught me "how" and "what" to count,which truly makes us feel that we also have a purpose to serve in this world,however insignificant it may be,and each small amount of ingredient that any other person adds to our life can make it more enjoyable.The best part is that you will be compelled(or inspired) to do something ,which "counts",be it in your life,or that of any other.
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    Jun 30 2011: Sir Ken Robinson.
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    Jun 28 2011: I have just recently joined Ted, and only now becoming active. And it really is a thanks for John G. Rives, his poetry and y absolute enthrallment with it lead me to continue clicking several links until I got here only to discover that this one website holds a complete variety and disversity of exactly what I am looking to soak myself into, freedom of thought and Free Will I abuse in order to understand more, communicate more, listen more, read more and write more!
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    Jun 27 2011: My very first TED talk Anil Ananthaswamy: What it takes to do extreme astrophysics moved me to become a TED translator:
    " it was very obvious that, if we destroy these silent places on Earth, we will be stuck on a planet without the ability to look outwards, because we will not be able to understand the signals that come from outer space."

    Anil Ananthaswamy himself is a person who read a book on Einstein as a software engineer which he found so remarkable that it lead him to a complate carreer-change.
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    Jun 15 2011: its not the one talk that moved me but the collection of all talks on ted are great collection. This talk not only move me but my friends were also inspired by it. Being a engineering student the talk given by Mike Matas, Pranav Mistry and Salman Khan was great as they could achieve such a great things at so young age, which some people take lifetime to achieve. Such talk motivated me to do something like them and i am planning about it.
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    Jun 12 2011: Al Gore; he made me believe I could take my environmental concerns seriously.
    Gordon Brown; he gave me the idea of using my knowledge of networks to bring about global peace.
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    Jun 12 2011: Stacey Kramer : The best gift I ever survived.

    She inspires me to live to the fullest.Appreciate life to the fullest.Life is short,so use all the time you have to make you happy and to make the world a better place.

    I'm obese and I have asthma.After watching that video,it occurred to me that I have to appreciate all the time that I have in this world,not waste it.I am determined to change myself now.I've started exercising and watching on my diet.I've lost a few pounds by now.I want to be healthy so that I will be able to make the world a better place in the future.Stacey Kramer taught me that and I thank her for this valuable lesson.For my TED friends out there, watch this video and join me!

    Here's the link for the video:

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    Jun 12 2011: Well on my limited time on this site the people that have moved me the most have been;

    Dan Barber when i watched “how I fell in love with fish and also
    Neil Pasricha.

    There was something in both of those talks that play very big parts in my life at this current moment.

    I must also say that what Jamie Oliver is doing is also so very amazing but since i already knew of him i knew his speech would be amazing.

    So with all that said through the two speeches that i have watched form Dan Barber and also Neil Pasrisha have moved me enough that i am going to stop what i am doing in Italy and go on an adventure to a place called ‘Vela La Palma’.

    Everything happens in life for a reason and i believe that more today then ever before. I hope to share my story with everyone one day and that people will also be affected in a positive way the say way i have.

    Food for thought
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    Jun 9 2011: I would refer to Rob Dunbar's talk, http://www.ted.com/talks/rob_dunbar.html, on ocean acidification. I think it so important to listen to the climate scientists, look closely at their data, and not always believe the mass media who choose to pick up and report on tiny errors rather than preponderance of evidence. We all, in my view, have a responsibility to act here and at least take this subject seriously, but it seems it is all too often overlooked.
  • Jun 9 2011: All of them-everyday. I teach English in a non English speaking country and I use TED talks to do so. I pick the short ones for the lower levels and the longer ones for the higher levels. I watch one, at least, for my own learning every evening and I choose the best ones for my students. I use them for listening, enriching their vocabulary, and hearing authentic language on the most interesting and engaging of subjects. I tell my students to turn on the English subtitles to help with their understanding and to read the interactive transcripts in their first language if they need help. Often, their only homework for the week is a TED talk-to watch, to discuss, to write about and to respond to. I have students who cannot make an accurate sentence in English in a grammar drill but who can intelligently and emotionally discuss a TED talk. And the life learning is unbelievable for most of them-they quote them to me and to others. This is the number one best resource for ENglish learning anywhere-I so wish I could give a TED talk on this subject! It is basic, pure, authentic and touches more lives here than can ever be imagined. Can't wait to see what is in my inbox tomorrow and what more brilliance awaits me. Keep at it TED-you the best.
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    Jun 9 2011: Jonathan Haidt - moral roots of liberals and conservatives:

    "Our righteous minds were designed to unite us into teams, divide us against other teams and blind us to the truth ... we need to step out of the moral matrix and cultivate moral humility.. we are passionately involved to improve our world but we are also passionately committed to the truth ... and use our passionate commitment to the truth and turn it into a better future for us all."

    This why I believe that we need to translate the power of our beliefs and convictions into a common language of our common interests and wield it as a driving force to transform our world. http://bit.ly/ThePowerInfo
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    Jun 7 2011: I don't have one but this question deserves a comment!

    GREAT question!