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Which TED or TEDx talk moved you to take action?

Getting real beneficial change incorporated into organizations or local communities (or your own self) can be daunting. Have you taken an inspiring story described by a TED speaker and put it into practice? Have you put down a school garden? Composed a symphony, or a poem? Have you created a prototype of something that hasn't previously existed? Worked with people to get something done that has been languishing or seemed insurmountable? Have you found a new way to approach a problem that has made a difference? Is it being sustained?


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  • Jun 9 2011: All of them-everyday. I teach English in a non English speaking country and I use TED talks to do so. I pick the short ones for the lower levels and the longer ones for the higher levels. I watch one, at least, for my own learning every evening and I choose the best ones for my students. I use them for listening, enriching their vocabulary, and hearing authentic language on the most interesting and engaging of subjects. I tell my students to turn on the English subtitles to help with their understanding and to read the interactive transcripts in their first language if they need help. Often, their only homework for the week is a TED talk-to watch, to discuss, to write about and to respond to. I have students who cannot make an accurate sentence in English in a grammar drill but who can intelligently and emotionally discuss a TED talk. And the life learning is unbelievable for most of them-they quote them to me and to others. This is the number one best resource for ENglish learning anywhere-I so wish I could give a TED talk on this subject! It is basic, pure, authentic and touches more lives here than can ever be imagined. Can't wait to see what is in my inbox tomorrow and what more brilliance awaits me. Keep at it TED-you the best.

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