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Which TED or TEDx talk moved you to take action?

Getting real beneficial change incorporated into organizations or local communities (or your own self) can be daunting. Have you taken an inspiring story described by a TED speaker and put it into practice? Have you put down a school garden? Composed a symphony, or a poem? Have you created a prototype of something that hasn't previously existed? Worked with people to get something done that has been languishing or seemed insurmountable? Have you found a new way to approach a problem that has made a difference? Is it being sustained?


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    Jun 9 2011: Very easy for me, Taylor. After watching Jose Antonio Abreu win the 2009 TED Stage Prize and then seeing Gustavo Dudamel conduct the National Youth Orchestra live from Caracas, I decided to make his wish come true. I founded the Atlanta Music Project, and "El Sistema" is now transforming Atlanta's underprivileged youth.

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