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How can Africa develop faster?

Africa has more natural resources than any other continent but only contributes 1% of the global GDP.

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    Jun 1 2011: it is because resources are cheap. added value is expensive. that, and the ongoing wars and such atrocities.
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    Jun 5 2011: Which part of Africa? I mean, there are parts of Africa that are doing just as well as Europe and the United States. Today, Africa is like any other continent: there are countries that are doing just fine, some that are slowly but surely getting there, and some that are doing horribly. So, before I try to answer your question, what part of Africa do you want help develop faster?
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    Jun 3 2011: Equitymarket 3.0 is an online industry network to facilitate collaboration and distribute information amongst companies, advisers and investors in the equity market and bridge the “middle gap” in developing countries. An online industry network could service the “missing middle” and lower transaction costs, deepen capital markets and catalyze capital and make a rapid contribution to economic development of developing countries, including Africa. It would connect companies, advisers and investors in the 1st and 3rd world and provide a virtual platform for finding, analysing and monitoring investments in Africa.

    The Equity Market online network is a Web 3.0 online network (or Facebook) which allows companies, advisers and investors to see straight through the market and collectively self-publish, match, learn, validate and consume 20+ types of equity market content in hours (not months). It is a platform for a global market. It provides a costless and immediate means to distribute information, facilitate collaboration, exchange content and facilitate transactions. The system provides applications to enable companies, advisers and investors to do what they do everyday in an open, transparent internet platform. Content includes Profiles (companies, advisers and investors, countries, industries), Classifieds (Research, M&A, Investment, Employment, Project, IPO / Bookbuild, Events) and News (Audio, Video, Blog, Article, Announcement, Report, Pictures).

    * global market: companies advisers and investors can participate in a global capital and labour market
    * reduce poverty in the Third Worldby fueling the growth of SME’s in the Third World and earn income from remote services (Microequity 3.0)
    * expand labour pool: deliver surplus labour in the Third World to satisfy a shortage of labour in the First World

    Additional information is available and
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    Jun 3 2011: Human resource is a major driver of growth. So education must be top priority for all. Trainning and managemnet system for human resource create added value to make development.
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    Jun 2 2011: Who benefits from those natural resources?

    Do you have enough professional work force or do you import them?
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    Jun 2 2011: But there are some countries where there are no wars but there is still abject poverty
    • Jun 3 2011: Munyaradzi, could you give us your take on what some of the problems may be? You are much closer to the issues and would have greater insight. In your own country, for example, what is happening there? Cheers.