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Year 9 Art Student,

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Is he the right person for my future? How can I get closer to him as best friends?

How do I know if this person is right for me? I know I am a young teenager who aged about 14 years old who ask such a serious question that will affect my life but I need to know how do I know if he is right for me? I'm serious about a boy who aged a few months older than me and he is a very witty , funny , caring and genius-minded person. The way he treated me is cold when we chat on internet but when we talk in real life , he's very friendly , always teases me , poke me and like he's being so nice. I am confused if he likes me or not because it seemed like he most likely interested in friendship or maybe education. We both are childhood friends but there are a few things I don't understand about him. I know I am young and I have a long way to go and there are few things I don't understand. Just some infos : I am a devoted Christian and he is a free-thinker but loyal to Chinese religion. Of course God is my first love and I understand that but this guy is just someone hard to let go. We have been best friends for more than 11 years and we got a bit distant lately. I'm not saying that I don't understand love but what I'm trying to say he worth the wait? He have earn my trust , His family know me and I know his family. I did confessed to him but he said he didn't reject or accept me. I don't want to lose our friendships by taking such big risk. I don't mind not being his lover but I just wanted to make sure if he is the right one? Thanks for reading. I hope you understand how I feel. I certainly don't want to pressure him to accept me or losing him. I just want to know how to get closer to him as best friends too.

  • Jun 1 2011: Honey,

    Take your time. You are years away from needing to make a decision like that. Have fun, be friends, and don't do anything you'll regret.

    Teenage love is hard to navigate, if you have any questions, comment!

    Good luck!
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      Jun 2 2011: Thank you very much! I just want to understand why is he being cold to me sometimes as friends too I mean. No worries , I won't do things that I regret well maybe I did but it seemed like it's hard for him to forget my mistakes and forgive me...anyway , thanks so much! God bless! =)
      • Jun 2 2011: Honestly. Guys are blind, and we do stupid things. Either he doesn't like you or he doesn't realize there is anything there. Just let it play out. ;)
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          Jun 3 2011: I don't understand sometimes. When I was joking , he said I shouldn't take it so lightly and when I'm serious , he asked me what am I so serious for? Guys are so hard to understand...-.-''