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How do we embrace vulnerability?

We are all vulnerable there is no question about that, we don’t need to learn how to become vulnerable, but on the contrary we just need to stop suppressing it.
We have to let it out, to embrace it. I see vulnerability as being a very strong and beautiful flower that tries to flourish inside us, but we wont let it live, we are constantly throwing cement and rocks on it, hoping that it won’t come out, we don’t want it …we are suppressing it!

While on the contrary we need to embrace this flower, this feeling, to accept that it’s perfectly ok to feel shame, to feel hurt, to feel disappointed, etc.
You might ask yourself, how can I embrace this feeling if it’s causing me pain, why do I have to allow myself being hurt?
Because if you trust yourself, if you are confident enough that you will raise up again when you fall, then you will not be so scarred to fall.
And here is my personal judgment, that if you build your confidence, if you trust yourself you will not be afraid to be vulnerable and you will accept this feeling easier.

And when you accept it you might see that, you will enjoy your life better, your relationships, your friendships, and that you will not be afraid to expose yourself, to be vulnerable. You will not be afraid to say I love you first, you will not be afraid to speak to the girl you like, you will not be afraid to ask your boss for a promotion, because you will trust yourself that you will handle any situation and that you will learn something from any experience, good or bad. In any situation, there is something positive and negative; you just need to see them both, not just the negative side. As you accept the concept of day and night, you might accept the concept of positive and negative feelings. They are both useful; we just need to find the proper use of it.


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