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Individualize hotels

When I walk into any big name hotel I'm always impressed with the front atrium and sometimes the hospitality, but when I walk into the room I lose all since of sincerity. They all look the same, the only difference is granit tiles or ceramic (Hilton). What if we could customize our hotel to make it feel more like home, more sincere? The only time I get this experience is from bed and breakfasts.

I don't know about you, but in the planning stages, finding out where i'm going to stay in a new place takes top priority over what i'm doing. Even if I had 4 choices for my bed spread and pillows I would feel more attached to the hotel. It would make me feel like I chose that room, I wasn't assigned it. It may be similar to the one next to me, but not necessarily the same.

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    Jun 7 2011: If you want a personal experience why not stay at a bed and breakfast, hostel, or use a website like couch surfing. Hotel are there to provide uniformed service to those who value a certain level of stability over uniqueness.
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    Jun 1 2011: That's why the concept of "Boutique Hotel" emerged. It's already there just need to pay bit more (sometimes a lot more).

    It will be really interesting to see how BIG name chain Hotels start evolving once Boutique Hotel starts attaracting more guests from the guest market of Big Name chains !
  • May 31 2011: Hotels are a streamlined industry; tracking different sheets, room layouts, etc. would add to their operating costs, and the return of investment in "personalized" rooms isn't guaranteed.

    That said, I do agree it's rather bleak.