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What if we could chose our genetic traits? Is this moral? What would you chose and should it be offered to only the rich?

We would lose a since of individualism and character. Should we judge all people by their actions whether they can control them or not?

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    Jun 1 2011: It is a decision to judge, and I think it's very dangerous when you start saying that people can not control their own actions - there is a level of responsibility that all need to take. No cop outs!
    To take control of your life, take responsibility of your actions.
    Sure you never have full control of your life, but you can decide whether to get out of your bed or not.
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      Jun 1 2011: Hi Barry.........You must be speaking of "normal" people. There are those mentally ill people who at some point in their life cannot control their own actions. I do not believe in demonic possession but that is how some people behave. In some cases we have to assume that their emotions control their actions instead of reason. (:>)
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        Jun 1 2011: That's who I was referring to. :^) It would provide an invaluable opportunity to people with disabilities.
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        Jun 10 2011: Hi Helen,
        I can not agree with you, unless you speak from experience that you are not a "normal" person then you can not know what another person is thinking, and nor do I - I'm just saying that you are giving people an escape that seems easy. I think we must have different definitions of mentally ill, or nowadays it has been common practice to label someone mentally ill just to justify their actions. I'm sure 90+% of the world's population goes through depression, and I don't think that having your emotions control your actions is necessarily a bad thing. How many times have you done something for someone because you have an emotional attachment to that person.
        As for people with disabilities as you say, I know that there have been cases where a child has been born with a disability, in this case down syndrome, and the parents have embraced it with so much love that they see the child as a god sent, an angel - they have learnt so much and valued so much more about life and understanding that they would never have received from a "normal" child as they would have taken it for granted. I would commend those parents that look beyond labelling people "normal" and with "disability" - these are truely special people.

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