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killing one person to save two people, is it ok?

i was just thinking, if you HAD to kill one person but in killing that person you were going to save two people, ( equal age, etc) is it ok? any ideas?


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    Jun 1 2011: its a well known moral debate:

    could you pick up a gun and kill a child if it meant the world would be rid of cancer and aids?
    could you drop a bomb on a village of 100 innocent people if it meant 1000 in the next village would survive?

    i dont think i could drop that bomb or fire that gun.
    • Jun 1 2011: I understand your dilemma Davie, but none of us really knows what we will do until we actually have to make that decision at the time - then we will have to live with the outcome.
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      Jun 5 2011: Good for you Davie!
      What is the likeihood that anyone who would put you in that position in the first place would also be a person who followed through with his promises? I am betting that once your act was completed all you would get was a satified smile from the evil bugger- not a cure for cancer or aids.

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