Joseph Terry

CEO, Virtuola LLC

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That home-based business or network marketing naturally grows in "tribes" and that this fact is ignored or worst purposefully denied widely.

I'll work on the explanation, but the power of network marketing is exactly the power of tribes interconnected and always has been, but this is denied and never addressed by much of the leadership in modern Network Marketing and I intend to change that.

  • Jun 1 2011: Joeph
    I personally believe you are very correct. We all live in multiple spaces. The anthropological description of family:clan:tribe:people is one way to look at it. Another way is to look at "spaces"; intimate:personal:social:public. The tribe level corresponds to public space. I believe we construct these levels naturally. We don't usually recognize these very well or really attempt to build new relationships using these. I think more than purposefully denied, it has more to do with not being comfortable describing "tribes" in a so-called contemporary society, although obviously they exist.

    I believe these networks are self-constructing. We can help the process along and we can also utilize the fact that people always move in and out of these various spaces on a daily basis.