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Can you live a happier life with less stuff?

Maybe you've read about people who have. Maybe you've done it yourself and have a few stories. Maybe you'd like to do it but haven't started yet. I'm interested to hear from you about whether you think minimalism and reducing your consumption can lead to a more fulfilled and happy life and why.

What stuff could you really live without?

What are you really giving up when you give up your stuff?


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    Feb 17 2011: that reminds me with the movie "up in the air" by "George Cloney" :)

    mmm.. personally I can't live with less stuffs in my bag , simply cuz i can't accept that .
    however, I don't think it's the amount of stuffs you are carrying is what's playing role in your happiness or sadness .. I believe it's the way you are scheduling your life using those stuffs or trying to accomplish some of them..

    if you put priorities and work on them slowly and one by one , you will not feel any need to minimize any of your stuffs , cuz this process or making priorities will help satisfying your greed to success and will help you raise up slowly.

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