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Can you live a happier life with less stuff?

Maybe you've read about people who have. Maybe you've done it yourself and have a few stories. Maybe you'd like to do it but haven't started yet. I'm interested to hear from you about whether you think minimalism and reducing your consumption can lead to a more fulfilled and happy life and why.

What stuff could you really live without?

What are you really giving up when you give up your stuff?

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    Feb 17 2011: The second best day in the life of a yachter is when he buys his yacht ... his first is when he sells it.
  • Feb 17 2011: There are two ways to be rich: you can acquire more or you can need less. Having "stuff" is superficial, but fun. When I sold my business, I bought lots of stuff: Maseratis, yachts, house renovation, Caribbean condo, expensive vacations, etc. Was I happier because of them? You bet I was! As the unnamed Texas lady said: "Honey, if money cain't buy happiness, y'all been shopping at the wrong store." On the other hand, would I care a fig if I lost the whole lot tomorrow? Not at all, as long as I kept my wife, my family, my dogs, and my values, and as long as I had enough income to live a reasonable retirement without dipping into the public purse. I would still be rich, but this time for the second reason.
    • Feb 20 2011: I agree that in some rare cases stuff and money can get you happiness. However I think too many people in developed countries buy stuff that they cannot afford. Working full time with 2 weeks of vacation, how much they end up enjoying any of the stuff?
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    Feb 17 2011: that reminds me with the movie "up in the air" by "George Cloney" :)

    mmm.. personally I can't live with less stuffs in my bag , simply cuz i can't accept that .
    however, I don't think it's the amount of stuffs you are carrying is what's playing role in your happiness or sadness .. I believe it's the way you are scheduling your life using those stuffs or trying to accomplish some of them..

    if you put priorities and work on them slowly and one by one , you will not feel any need to minimize any of your stuffs , cuz this process or making priorities will help satisfying your greed to success and will help you raise up slowly.
  • Feb 17 2011: I think so. We loose hours and days of our life when we buy a thing. We have to work hard to pay for it, we have to maintain it, repair it, clean it and buy a new one when it breaks. We also have to worry about loosing it, get it stolen or becoming out of date or style.

    Nowadays people in developed countries are buying things they will hardly or never use. They buy souvenirs when on their vacation, they give unwanted gifts to their friends and families, own dozens of clothes, give kids dozens of stuff toys etc.

    I am slowly minimizing my 'collection' thou I don't think I will ever give up my computer lol
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    Feb 17 2011: I'll go backwards.

    Two things I give up usually, every now and then. 1. My habit of giving up trying (regression to Comfort zone) 2. Putting blame on things I do not fully understanding.

    When I can live with most I live with, I hope I must without much a problem, live without what is not absolutely necessary for living.

    Happiness is relative. Stuff is good symptom, just that its not about stuff.