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A website with a database of criminals

A searchable database of criminals available for public viewing.
Initial purpose would be for the public to search for people that they suspect to be involved in criminal activity in their neighbourhood.
Then it could be a website that records activity of a criminal to assist them through rehabilitation

The public (registered members) could also contribute in the records of activity and experiences. People would also build themselves a profile of posting reputation.
The debate would be would the criminals really be rehabilitated or just giving the appearance of rehabilitation.

Would this idea work?
A big issue would be defamation, or is there a way around that?

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    May 31 2011: A reputation evaluator...
    I think that will come sooner or later.

    Imagine you look through your (virtual layered) glasses and see a projected aura around a person: green means a good person, red means "this one is a bad guy/ unthrustworthy "

    There should be ways for a person to get rid of his bad aura (like atonement or repent or good deeds or public service, or getting better rates over time)...
    And it will have a huge impact on people's (social) behavior... and it will be have unreliability issues, and privacy violation issues and all...

    I do think that road will be explored, as crime-sites already exist...
    But social punishment and exclusion needs to be done without vengance an dwith much compassion, or it can turn out to be a dreadfull tool of power and control...
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      May 31 2011: Well said Chistophe.

      The idea presented here has merit. People knowing what has been hidden or so fragmented that no one had enough information to understand who they were dealing with could be a powerful force. Social stigma might just be the only force that could curb some of these behaviours.

      As to reputation- it is a strange thing though that many people who fight to do what is really good against the odds often get the reputation of being a 'nut' or 'hard to work with'. Their reputation only turns around many years later when people see what they were really doing and peel bad the layers of their own assumptions.

      Mandela was a 'ciminal'. Sometimes the crime is in the eye of the beholder.
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    Jun 10 2011: A dream come true for anyone with a grudge. Not mentioning that the word "criminal" only refers to someone who was convicted for an offense by a court of law, targeting mostly petty crime offenders, while the most dangerous and notorious criminals will still own the nicest homes in our neighborhoods. I won't even go into 'presumption of innocence'. Not the best program for social progress if you ask me. Having a criminal record is taught enough, but having it exposed to anyone by a simple click of the mouse in the name of "Rehabilitation" is, in my opinion, comparable to advocate cigarette to cure lung cancer.
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      Jun 10 2011: It depends if you're an particular or a Bank. Burning your own, hardly earned money, is illegal.

      Is the spilling of 200million gallons of Oil in the Ocean a criminal offense?
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        Jun 10 2011: Do you mean if you are a person printing money is illegal yet some banks do it all the time within the boundaries of the law?

        And Richard on a side note my TED e-mail has not been working properly, I get no results when searching for comments by you.
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    Jun 10 2011: I agree that people should be given a second chance and a third, fourth............
    I know that there are great stories out there of people that have started on the rough side and developed themselves through experience and understanding. And these stories could assist as inspiration for others that see that wrong path is the only path that can continue to go on.
    Society has to be more nuturing and understanding of those 17 and 18 year olds, younger and older that . And it should be more acceptable that individuals can say "hey I did do those things in the past, I'm not really proud of it, but I'm proud of who I am now"
    The other problem I see is that in situations there are always two sides to a story and miscommunication could actually be at fault in a sour situation. But maybe this mechanism could be a tool to assist in that - a public mediation?

    Sorry I think I've gone off topic a bit.
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    May 31 2011: What worries me about such a site is the kids that grow up in a ghetto and get wrapped up in something when they are 17 or 18 before they have had the chance to leave the dire straights they were raised in and then that mistake or lapse in judgement following them for their entire lives preventing them from obtaining certain opportunities. There should be some type of expungement program. Before are world was so interconnected people could move elsewhere and get a fresh start. How will this be carried over with all this information accessible instantly anywhere. People change with age and there needs to be an avenue for that.
  • May 31 2011: This would work but it would need someone (or thing) to update it by the second(ish), also it might be a breach of privacy, and defamation.
    People may also put fake records in it( eg: Joe Smith, The milkman is convicted of petty theft).
    Very good idea though.