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Why are we so obligated to relying on jobs that are not obligated to us?

So you need a job to keep food, shelter, clothes, and to avoid becoming homeless. The only way to survive in this world is to have a job, but these companies that are outsourcing are not obligated to us. Its not illegal for a company to fire people in order to maximize profits, leaving people hungry and homeless. So why is our American system so reliant and dedicated to companies and jobs that do not have to be equally dedicated and obligated to humans. If every company in America wanted to they could up and leave and leave millions unemployed. I just do not get it.

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    Jun 3 2011: When I first hired out for the company that I work for now,I was told in class that 'us' new hires will get use to a new life style.The money that will be left over from paying your bills by the time the next pay check arrives,you'll want to spend and up grade your life.Coming from an upper,lower income to an upper middle income has an effect upon someone who has had to do without or make do with what you have.I saw it done,i.e. the new toys,I was told by a senior co-worker,'When you make your 100% you will buy a new car'. He was right,I bought a car one year older then the one I was driving...and I'm still driving it 16 years later.

    We become accustom to a certain life style and will do any thing to keep it,if it takes cutting 100 jobs or closing the whole plant there is the mind set for 'the bigger boat' or 'the bigger house'.

    I don't care how much a product costs,if it lasts for an extended length of time it is a good investment. If it breaks the first time you use it,it's not worth the lower cost.I'd be happy to buy from China,if the wrench fits the bolt it's suppose to,if the socket doesn't split the first time I use it.

    I work for a class 1 railroad,I've held many jobs in my life but I've never seen a company throw so much money away because of laziness and not caring about the customer.

    As far as the employees,I've got two motto's...we are rats in a maze and there is no cheese in the end...and the only thing the company cares about,liability and the bottom line. The last one is the truest of all,if you out source your not liable and your bottom line will increase.

    One last thing...who moved my cheese...
  • May 31 2011: to break this pattern we need a rethink and remap around the purpose of work which remains focussed on wealth accumulation and enrichment, which has enabled positive change and human development Being adaptable and ingenious we have an unlimited capacity for invention and discovery. Let the outsourcers' outsource, new and better will follow.
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    May 31 2011: profit = optimal distribution of resources.

    if you take some resources, and mold them into something more valuable, you have profit. if you take resources, and mold them into something less valuable, you have a loss. i fail to see how would maximizing profit be a bad thing.

    outsourcing abroad does not decrease the number of jobs. it just moves jobs abroad. as david ricardo explained 200 years ago, international cooperation benefits all parties. this knowledge is still not part of the school curriculum. self reliance is not the way of the 21st century. division of labor is. so if some jobs go abroad, you have to celebrate it. and at the same time, you have to look for the plenty of new job openings at home, in some other area of business. if you observe that there are no new job opportunities at home, you should immediately know that something else is the problem. something prevents your economy from going ahead. something prevents new businesses to start up. look for it before it is too late.
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        May 31 2011: as usual, i'm hundred percent unable to extract any sort of meaning from your posts.

        1. companies don't "invest in absolute advantage". investors invest in most profitable companies, and surely, these are the ones with comparative advantage. surely a factory moves close to the mine, where iron ore is cheaper. labor intensive business tend to go to places where cheap labor is abundant. so? how would that change the truth of ricardo?

        2. he didn't assume anything of the sort. capital flows around the globe, and his observations are still true.

        maybe you question ricardo? maybe you can argue for it, and not just "leave us to it"?
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    May 31 2011: Companies have KPIs for employees and they follow it up to keep employees focused to deliver even if they are not obligated, but employees niether have any KPI nor have the bargain power to make companies focused to employee. There are jargons Human Resource are most inmportant Capital for companies but thats just a jargon only

    .In current free market economy , companies also lost it autonomy to share markets. Someone sitting in wall street projects about company future health on the basis of capability of maximising profit (GREED) monthly basis (it seems it is turning to daily basis) with out knowing much about the company , it's culture , it's history and people , the share price either go up or down. If it's down, top executive body has to react immediately to proof their necessity & effciency and hasty decision comes..........

    That's the way I see now business world is moving ....... they are focused to give higher shareholder return all else are nice buzz words
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      Jun 1 2011: Salim...............Youare so right. There have to be boundaries for greedy corporations and there are not many and they are not enforced, else justice does not prevail.
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        Jun 2 2011: Hi Helen
        Great to hear from you !!!
        You see we have points of agreement as well my friend, that's the beauty of having open discussion.
        Have a good day.
  • May 31 2011: It's capitalism to you! Everything is for a profit. The companies which move their businesses, do it for higher profit, and people, who use their products/services, are after lower prices. You are appauled that companies are moving their businesses but are you prepared to pay higher price for products/services which originate in your country. Or, are you prepared to accept a lower salary to make home-made products cheaper. If we all, miraculously, become so conscientious to accept either lower salaries (to compete with China or India) or pay higher prices for local products, the companies will stop doing it "to us"