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Why are we so obligated to relying on jobs that are not obligated to us?

So you need a job to keep food, shelter, clothes, and to avoid becoming homeless. The only way to survive in this world is to have a job, but these companies that are outsourcing are not obligated to us. Its not illegal for a company to fire people in order to maximize profits, leaving people hungry and homeless. So why is our American system so reliant and dedicated to companies and jobs that do not have to be equally dedicated and obligated to humans. If every company in America wanted to they could up and leave and leave millions unemployed. I just do not get it.


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  • May 31 2011: to break this pattern we need a rethink and remap around the purpose of work which remains focussed on wealth accumulation and enrichment, which has enabled positive change and human development Being adaptable and ingenious we have an unlimited capacity for invention and discovery. Let the outsourcers' outsource, new and better will follow.

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