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What motivates you?

Take away all the bills, the mortgage payments, the kids college funds etc.

I want to know what compells us to drive forward each day. What inspires us to get out of bed in the morning and do what we do?

What internal thing do some of us have that others do not. Why do some succeed where others fail, and why do some of those who fail keep trying until they succeed. What compels each of us to achieve dreams and face fears while others accept mediocrity and fate as the status quo?

  • May 31 2011: I imagine one hundred years from now and how I wont be here, and then I think about how Im still here with time to live. What will I say I have done? What will my future family members say I did?, and how will they remember me? These thoughts light my fire!!!!! Awesome post, I think about this all the time.
    • Jun 3 2011: great post Jason, sounds like you "begin with the end in mind", which is certainly a driving force with respect to motivation.
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    Jun 10 2011: I'm a believer in the concept that we are either growing or dying. With that in mind, what motivates me is essentially one of two things: the first is connection, i.e. my relationship to others: my family, my friends, my clients, and my community. I want to have some impact on their lives. I want to be a contributor to their joy, a solution to their problems, and a tonic to their pain. To be any and all of those things is to fulfill a sense of purpose and self-worth. The second is curiosity. Curiosity is, I think, both an intellectual and an emotional experience. Thinking and feeling are all the brain does and when I indulge my natural curiosity, I become more informed and emotionally inspired. I think that's why TED talks are so popular. They stimulate our natural curiosity and excite us on both an intellectual and emotional level. That's motivation and every time we satisfy that urge to know and discover, it opens new possibilities for growth, and growth is life.
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    Jun 6 2011: A smile that reflects that i have made a tiny difference in somebody's life that day. A loved one or a complete stranger, it doesn't matter; if my actions or words made somebody light up for even just a moment, it was already worth getting out of bed. That is my goal and motivation every day.
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    Jun 17 2011: Responsibility to my wife and children motivates me to go to work.

    Creating art motivates me to move forward, as does learning new interesting things.

    Our current political and media environment in the US is motivating me to not vote in the next election. But I suppose then they will have won. But I really don't see the point when our representatives act on the interests of business on not individuals.
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      Jun 30 2011: As my sister used to say, "Don't vote, it only encourages them."
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  • Jun 8 2011: To answer your question “What compels each of us to achieve dreams and face fears while others accept mediocrity and fate as the status quo?” You are getting out of bed and get yourself ready for all the things you have to do because you feel worthy of doing all this, because you have a sense of value for yourself, because you want to feed your positive ego showing yourself all the things you are capable of, and much more. While every time we loose motivation is because we loose the sense of worthiness and then we need to remind ourselves that we can do so much more than stay in bed and cry about our life, we can actually live our life.
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      Jun 8 2011: Hi Cornelia, I liked the way that you addressed both sides of the issue of motivation. it is important, I think, to consider those who find themselves demotivated as well.
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        Jun 11 2011: Debra carissima, un messagio dalla Contessa Lorenzina De Val D'Aosta per lei: "Soltanto si bisogna la motivazione se la propria vita 'e futile, senza valuta".

        Tutti voi americani sono tanto pittoreschi.

        Auguri e a domani.
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    Jun 6 2011: I am inspired to do more by those who do less.....
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      Jun 6 2011: Signore Marc, let us remind you that the theological definition of inferno (hel) is: The only place where you have to do all to obtain nothing" and Paradise is the only place to do nothing to obtain all. The choice is yours.
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      Jun 7 2011: Marc that is really good.
  • Jun 6 2011: A very good food for thought. I think what motivate me to want to do something about it, are 1) to look forward to have hope for a better, friendlier & loving world; 2) self-improvement of one self and 3) the sufferings one experienced.
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    Jun 5 2011: What motivates me everyday, is not knowing what is going to happen next. Making choices moment by moment and watching the day unfold. In my opinion, life is about experience and creating. So with that in mind, I welcome each experience and create an understanding of that experience so I can work towards being the highest thought of myself.
  • Jun 5 2011: Knowing that there's a lot to discover.
  • Jun 5 2011: As a human being, we have every ability to use our very God given talents to create a better world for us, for our family and for the entire community we are living in. Success is not the amount of materialistic fortune you create, it is the amount of happiness and change you bring in people's life. The opposite of success is not failure, its "quitting". When you get started in something, and if you are willing to fail and not be a failure, victory will be yours!!!
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    Jun 1 2011: So many reasons... and it all depends from which things I do or need to do...

    to name a few:
    - social pressure
    - self improvement
    - survival (hunger, urge for bathroom, thirst, sexual drive, sleep,.... the basics)
    - the smile on the face of the person I just made happy or helped.
    - the feeling of having done something good
    - the urge to make myself known to others
    - hunger for knowledge
    - craving for emotions
    - aspirations for power
    - showing of
    - finding a mate
    - improving and maintaining relationships
    - Getting healthy
    - money
    - living up to the ideals I uphold
    - achieving dreams I have
    - getting my kicks and instant gratification
    - competition
    - ...

    And then there probably are motivators I don't dare to admit, and those I don't even know that I'm motivated by it (ignorant or unconscious)

    one more note:
    losing motivation can have other causes than those who incite motivation...
    Learned powerlessness and depression or disease for example.
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    Jun 23 2011: QUOTE: "I want to know what compells us to drive forward each day. What inspires us to get out of bed in the morning and do what we do?"

    You mean, aside from the biological imperative of survival? That's what "puts us to sleep" at night and wakes us up ... whenever.

    QUOTE: "What internal thing do some of us have that others do not."

    Clarity, confidence, and commitment.

    Clarity of purpose. Confidence in our ability to succeed (even if we fail along the way.) Commitment to continue until we succeed (at our chosen task.)

    QUOTE: "Why do some succeed where others fail, and why do some of those who fail keep trying until they succeed."

    Luck (where we are born for example) and: Clarity, confidence, and commitment.

    QUOTE: "What compels each of us to achieve dreams and face fears while others accept mediocrity and fate as the status quo?"

    Clarity, confidence, commitment and compulsion. People who are considered to be "successful" by some might be considered to be somewhat "neurotic" by others.

    The status quo is not necessarily a bad thing - it depends on the spacial and temporal boundaries we draw.

    Assuming you are referring to success in terms of achievement, I think the reason some of us accomplish more than others is: Some of us embrace simplicity, clarity, focus, decision-making, and action; and some of us don't.
  • Jun 20 2011: Growing up, I was spoiled rotten. There wasn't much I couldn't get. Guitars, Video Games, ect. The world was my oyster and I took it all. But through it all I wanted something more. Something beyond.

    We humans have an instinctive drive to push the rest of us forwards and to try and make the world a little better. It was born from a pack mentality to not only help oneself but to help others around you to gain allies. Also there is the strange curiosity that helps all humans to learn. Through curiosity comes knowledge, through knowledge comes that something more.

    What motivates me is change. We are no doubt in a time of turbulence and I just want stability. In my opinion what holds us back is media. I am what is known as the Me Generation. Everything is personalized to my wants, yet I am not in control of my own wants. Everything has been chosen for me already through power of imposing. Instead of YOU NEED THIS we get, "You look like you kinda like this stuff and we really think that you should try our piece of crap!"
    Sadly we take it. With open arms and smiling faces and envious eyes.

    Personally I want nothing more than a worldwide intellectual awakening, and that is what gets me out of bed in the morning.
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      Jun 20 2011: Cody,

      Your candor is powerful.

      Your words: "Everything is personalized to my wants, yet I am not in control of my own wants" are a savvy and concise analysis of the state of affairs in the US. Your Me generation is simply the embodiment of the expressions of earlier ones overlaid with all it's advancements -- the "evil" and the good.

      It's encouraging to hear change is what motivates you. You leave me wondering how pack-mentality instincts and curiosity can be harnessed to create intellectual awakening.

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      Jun 20 2011: QUOTE: "Personally I want nothing more than a worldwide intellectual awakening, and that is what gets me out of bed in the morning."

      What would a worldwide intellectual awakening look like?

      Would we all think the same things?

      Would we all accept that others think different things?

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        Jun 22 2011: Thomas; a worldwide intellectual awakening sounds like a very dangerous idea to me. Many cultures would become extinct.

        From an egotistical standpoint; I prefer a tapestry of human existence rather than a bland program of thought, even if the things I wish for don't actuate in my lifetime.

        From a sociological standpoint; Everyone deserves to live on the earth how they see fit as long as it doesn't threaten the health of others (even by that rubric we are frequently failing - Fukushima, Deepwater Horizon, Dow Chemicals, McDonald's ). Do we not depend on the wealth of various perceptions of the world to truly formulate what we are?

        Check out Wade Davis on Endangered Cultures.
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      Jun 22 2011: I am from the Me Generation as well. It's very difficult for me to understand how much something is actually worth. I think that the media can control not only what we want, but how much we want it. I can't even listen to popular radio because I cringe when I hear a commercial (luckily I prefer the programs on commercial-free radio anyway). They increase the volume during commercials just like TV. Being an amateur musician, I know that volume addresses your adrenaline level. Connect the dots...

      It seems like an unimpeachable industry, perhaps because of it's intrinsic control of information. It reminds me of the soviet union. Or any totalitarian state... much less physically violent, but imprisoning just the same.
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    Jun 19 2011: I found only one word to describe what motivates me: Life
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    Jun 19 2011: I think that just wanting to live my life is what motivates me, times might not be so good now but I'm sure better times lay in store for me. Just living each day to the fullest or at least trying to do that drives me forward.
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      Jun 19 2011: Koen,
      I think the BEST of times are ahead of you. Although the journey you are on may not be comfortable at this point, you are an insightful young person, with much to offer the world:>)
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    Jun 14 2011: Consciousness +
    1. Find a calm place where you will be alone and noise free
    2. For a while imagine deleting all lifelong experiences, information, memory and keep mind blank
    Now think, resetting the brain vibrations to an all new people comfortable, cosmic frequency level
    Go for your business, you are motivated now
    I name this bioreo technic
    Motivating oneself is simple.
    We don’t need to complicate simple things
    If our mind is creative it will make creative problems...Long long creative stories with…our own preferred emotional conclusion
    Worries and problems are everyone’s creative world class novel written by themselves in their head.
    We cry when we lose some one, we cry when we lose job, we cry during a war.Its human...Its loss not a problem, it may take some time to settle down..
    Again we can stop making creative new stories on it, enjoy human spirit of love and come back to normal, keep a candle for everything in heart
    It can be resolved
    If someone make more money and someone make less its universal irregularity and a science.
    Everyone got their own deferent name or car; it’s not possible to have one car for all people in the world,
    But we can always try making a another may be a better one...
  • Jun 10 2011: Education and new learning is the way to stay sane. In the various forms.
  • Jun 10 2011: Hello James,

    What motivates me is the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. A person who with the use of a few choice words spoken at exactly the right moment can have a profound impact on the advancing of a person’s life in the directions of their choosing. In my career as a sales person and business owner, I have always been mission driven and not commission driven. Please don't get me wrong the money is important to me, however not as important as making a difference in someone’s life. I enjoy serving others and intend to do more. Something else that compels me to get out of bed each day is the potential of doing something that could change the world. Each day we have a shot at making a difference. A few reasons why some don't make it, first they give up too easily at the first sign of a challenge. Second they don't believe they can, for their fear is much greater than their dream or vision. I believe the real reason for the fear and lack of belief is lack of self-awareness and lack of personal development. What compels the great achievers is their yearning and burning desires to do something great. Something happened in their life which leads them to believe they cannot and will not be denied no matter the cost, or the time in which it takes to reach their objective. Somehow they get it in their mind that it's their destiny to do, to have and to accomplish greatness. It is very difficult to imagine any other way of life.
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      Jun 13 2011: Hi there Vincent.
      I would like to think I learn and grow every day.
      I think that each year i have learnt important lessons, and tried new things.. most of them legal ;)
      I hope as years go by, I am getting better at making a difference - to those close to me, and sometime to those less close to me.
      But, I just wonder if this is a "product" of what motivates me, not what is motivating per se?
      For me, these might happen along the way as a result of my ambitions and behaviours, but actually my motivation is simpler: Fame, sex, money, power, compassion, and love.

      EDIT: I was compelled by post above to add Curiosity to my list
  • Jun 9 2011: I came across and idea from a novel written by Catherine Ryan Hyde called Pay It Forward. The idea of Pay It Forward suggests that when someone does you a big favor, instead of paying them back with one you pay it forward to three different people. This idea has spread in a patchy exponential pattern and has spread rapidly. This idea has changed people's minds and hearts and even some lives. If everyone carried this idea out, it would reach every person in the world. Since we don't live in utopia, it may not reach everyone, but it wiill reach 9/10 people. Pay It Forward has inspired me to rethink how I am going to repay people for the things that they do for me and the things I do for other people.
    • Jun 9 2011: I don't really want to put a downer on this but using that analogy it could theoretically get trapped in a 'circle' of four people :P
  • Jun 8 2011: passion to learn someting new each day and trying new ways of living.
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    Jun 6 2011: I have a dream!

    Have strength to follow my ideas and faith that these ideas will come true.
  • Jun 6 2011: personaly i want to understand the things i'm interested in (psychology & AI ) so i can start creating a better world for our children to live in.
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    Jun 6 2011: My experiences motivate me. I learn a new lesson in my life daily. Be it a "Super Human Splendour" or "Mundane Debris", it plays a role in alerting me to have a careful outlook of my near future.
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    Jun 6 2011: If I am passionate about something I am motivated to go for it to any length / depth of toughness when necessary. So always try to look in to myself to find that button of PASSION before going for something.

    As I feel , no one can motivate anyone , it's only one's ownself..
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    Jun 5 2011: Knowing that the earth, as well as many people, are suffering unnecessarily, and that I can do something about it.
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      Jun 5 2011: Hello Hannes, I am glad you are on the planet and here at TED.
  • Jun 5 2011: Hope.Faith and the death of a childhood friend. The curiosity of where my journey of life is going to take me today and what will be discovered in love and friendships.
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    Jun 4 2011: I want to continue to grow inside, and become a more complete and full person, and what is most compelling to me, is the hope to be surprised with a situation, a person, a fact, something that pushes me a little more forward into the people I will become next in my own path.
    Is that not knowing, that uncertainty that keeps me awake.

    Helena Correia
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    Jun 4 2011: I'm assuming you mean what motivates us over and above the "obvious" things like food, belonging, sex, shelter, and so on.

    One of my greatest motivators has always been the desire to know. I think what I call a desire to know is what some people call "thirst" or "entelechy."

    To "know something" goes beyond collecting information and learning (both of which also motivate me); knowing goes beyond understanding; it is more than "proof" ... in fact, there are not many things about which I can say, "I know." But the few I can are sweet.

    I am also motivated to help.

    Somehow the two are connected.
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    Jun 4 2011: I think the environment is driving us forward. The environment affects our mind every second in every day. That's what we keep in our memories. And memories are already deeply rooted in our biological traits and habits. We eat and sleep... of course, we have sex in order to have children, to pass our genes to the next generation. Now, that's reasonable enough to say what motivates us...
  • Jun 3 2011: Hi folks, great comments and so much feedback. As a relatively new "Tedster" I am truly inspired by the community. Please keep up the worthy debate and continue to add your opinion. Of note, many of us read self/help and success manuals to try and find the key ingredient or "secret nugget" of truth that will enable us to produce at a higher level. Can you quantify or elaborate on a particular insight that has propelled you forward in your pursuit of success??
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    Jun 1 2011: The example for life I have been given to follow is to love all people unconditionally. To treat people with kindess even when they don't deserve it, and to not seek retribution when retribution is due. My motivation is to live up to these lofty goals. I fail miserably, yet I find the more I try, the closer I get; and the closer I get, the happier I am.
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    Jun 1 2011: The notion that, as long as I'm still alive, there exists the possibility that one day I may do something greater than anything I've ever done.
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    Jun 1 2011: I've read this question a few times, and thought seriously about the answer. I think it is a brilliant question, and the detail is incredibly neatly worded.
    Question: Why do we get up each day, why do some succeed and others fail, what is it that drives us forward to complete our dreams, while other accept mediocrity?
    Answer: Love; Applause; Sex
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    Jun 1 2011: There are a lot of moments when it seems that you have no power, that you are like a Don Quixote fighting with the windmills. Still, you get up, focus and try over and over again... I think the power to go on comes from... the strongest power in the world- faith and hope... the hope that some day there will be no windmills...
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    May 31 2011: For the french speakers, this is a conversation with the same question and several answers :

    In my case, i said that i love what i do everyday, i have a goal i want to reach and projects for the future.
    I am a very positive person and i like the life.
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    Jun 26 2011: QUOTE: Semantics... can't communicate with 'em, can't communicate without 'em!

    What do you mean?


    In keeping with the theme: I am motivated to communicate clearly. I do not mind if people disagree with me but it does concern me if I can not make myself understood.
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    Jun 25 2011: Heloooo, is anybody there?

    I have been participating in a few conversations and there has be no activity on any of them for about two days now.

    Is everyone at a TED conference or something?

    [moving computer] .... can you hear me now?
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      Jun 25 2011: Hey Thomas!, right here. I agree with your anwers - clarity, confidence, commitment. I posted a reply to Mathieu's thread below trying to answer the question by mulling on the power of hearts and minds to have confidence, commitment and clarity. What do you think about my perspective?
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        Jun 25 2011: Hi Joe,

        It's good to know I am connected (which is one of the things that motivates me - feeling connected)

        I live in China and it is common for me to lose active connections to websites (it is a quality of service thing not a censorship thing.)

        I did read your post (and have read it again.) It seems well thought out and meaningful. I originally chose not to respond because of the ambiguity of some of the words and phrases (not the ambiguity of your writing.)

        Words and phrases like "heart," "mind," "love," and "moral sense."

        I felt that for me to reply meaningfully would require more than the 2000 characters we are allotted would allow.

        For example, I know words like heart and mind have meaning - we use them to describe different human attributes or faculties. In that regard, they are much like the words "ego," "id," and "superego;" we could say they describe functional characteristics of our being.

        However, words can be insidiously misleading, deceptive even. For example, when we use words like "ego," "id," and "superego," it is quite natural for us to think of our psyche as three separate "compartments" (a tricameral mind?) Of course, dividing our mind in this way has useful applications and can be considered meaningful, particularly in certain therapeutic settings. But we do not really have a psyche that is made up of discreet components, we have a single consciousness that functions differently under different circumstances. It is useful for us to describe different modalities using discreet words (like "conscious" and "unconscious mind," and the "collective unconscious," etc)

        In the same way, it is easy to refer to human attributes with words like heart and mind; or emotion and intellect; or right brain and left brain; or sahasrara (crown chakra) and anahata (heart chakra,) and so on.

        Navigating through these definitions can be challenging. And in the end, we usually come back the same thing anyway: we enjoy happiness; we don't enjoy suffering.
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          Jun 25 2011: Semantics... can't communicate with 'em, can't communicate without 'em!
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    Jun 22 2011: The quest for knowledge motivates me.
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    Jun 22 2011: This is all very interesting and all, but , im not exactly sure we are all being honest with ourselves and with the original question.
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      Jun 22 2011: So you're saying honesty motivates you?
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    Jun 21 2011: Meaning work.and quest for knowledge.
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    Jun 21 2011: to live! and all that entails. i would say bills and money in general keep you unmotivated.
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    Jun 20 2011: Joy and pride. Two words not normally seen together. But that depends on your take of "pride". I feel joy when someone says "I am proud of you." And I feel pride and joy when I see someone I know accomplish some great task. From this I speculate that they are one and the same, if not, close cousins.

    Joy is what motivates me. And I feel joy when I make people proud of me. And even more joy when I make very important people proud of me. So every day I strive to become better. I believe that I have done much to be proud of too. I have sung, danced, acted, golfed in college. I have won state competitions in public speaking, choir, band, and cross country. I know enough technique to coach every sport. I have a 3.8 GPA (not bad when your in 3 clubs each semester).

    I'm not trying to brag. All I am pointing out is that joy seems to be a good motivator. I am proud of myself. And that brings so much joy.
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    Jun 20 2011: I have to admit that I am unmotivated. An underachiever. Hope, significance, prosperity or posterity. None equate to the magnificence of existence. POOF! Out of nothing as far as we know. Hydrogen atoms into helium into beryllium into carbon and very very eventually... one living cell. Then multiplication, adaptation, multiplication, adaptation, multiplication... us!

    In the world that we live, working to annihilate all life with nuclear weaponry, processing fossil fuels to chuck the disgusting remainder of the fraction that we use here and there, burning forests to make room for cattle (McDonald's). Even stepping on weaker humans just to achieve a more comfortable microcosm (Walmart and Col. Gaddafi).

    As a 24 year-old man who refuses to bring children into this abomination, I am fueled by the curiosity of our unfolding predicament. What now? Many are working to fix mistakes of past generations (including myself), but what we are discovering is that our entire identity (speaking of the western world) must be transfigured. No one seems to sacrifice. Greed and comfort will tragically prevail.

    It's okay though, I will keep refusing to drive an automobile, composting every last biodegradable detail of my consumption schedule and so on (Recycling has become an excuse for my Ford-350 driving neighbor to claim that he's not killing his grandkids).

    I want people to understand that we are not uncommon. How could we be the only intelligent life in the universe (across time, not just space). How is it possible that we are special with the advent of the crusades, the world wars and the cold war? We've defecated upon our effervescent particularity in recent social cycles. Presented each other with extinction on a silver platter, instead of acknowledging the scientific progress that we have made since primordiality. TOGETHER.

    I guess I'm angry. Does anyone empathize who could provide me with an X-factor to dissuade my contempt regarding the severity of human ignorance?
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      Jun 20 2011: QUOTE: "I have to admit that I am unmotivated. ... "

      Everything you say after your first sentence belies its sentiment.

      You certainly seem motivated to me.

      QUOTE: "Does anyone empathize who could provide me with an X-factor to dissuade my contempt regarding the severity of human ignorance?"

      An "X-factor" I highly recommend is happiness. I have found that when I am unhappy, it is quite easy for me to assume I am unhappy because of something in (or about) "the world." If only ________ [fill in the blank] were different, then "things" (really meaning "I") would be (feel) okay.

      There is a theme that runs through much of recorded history: the idea that fulfillment is personal and that satisfaction is an "inside job."

      When we cannot find contentment in ourselves it is useless to seek it elsewhere. – François de la Rochefoucauld

      Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough. – Emily Dickinson

      He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have. – Socrates

      Hope, significance, prosperity or posterity. None equate to the magnificence of existence. - Mathieu Guerin

      [PS That last one made it into my quote file.]
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        Jun 22 2011: Mr. Jones, it seems to me that you have successfully applied supersymmetry to my post. Excellent work! The truth is that I am motivated, and I should perhaps stir up a little more conviction regarding my world view even though it isn't very easily communicated. I suppose nothing is.

        Let's also agree that in the word "motivation" I may have read; "a catalyst for intellectual awakening", "a master of healthy habits", "a monster of innovation" or all of the above.

        PS; I absolutely believe that the mere sense of living is joy enough.
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          Jun 22 2011: QUOTE: Let's ... agree ... I may [aspire to be] "a catalyst for intellectual awakening", "a master of healthy habits", "a monster of innovation" or all of the above.
          QUOTE: I absolutely believe that the mere sense of living is joy enough.
          QUOTE: No one seems to sacrifice. Greed and comfort will tragically prevail.

          Aspiration. Motivation. Perception.

          QUOTE: I am a biophiliac, and thus I blame humans for a lot of things.

          Nature is self-regulating. It is a (human) conceit to place humans outside of nature.

          Humans may be unique in that we can aspire to action based on our motivation and based on our perception while the two might not be aligned - the boson may not balance the fermion. We would have broken symmetry.
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          Jun 23 2011: Mathieu, I agree with Mr. Jone's X-factor - "happiness" and I have so far identified it as the key to transforming our world, along with my primitive musings of happiness being the product of the dynamic mixture of the power of our hearts to love truly and be loved truly:

          When our heart is used other than to love another person (we love things, or we hate), we have big problems and we are not happy.

          When our love is used other than to make other hearts happy (we love with conditions, we are buying our love, love is transactional, no net worth, love is temporary - there is no real love), we have problems and we are not truly happy.

          When our heart is unloved and unhappy, we have problems. (we don't want to be sad, we buy our happiness).

          When we stop loving altogether, we have big problems (we don't care, we are selfish).

          When our heart and our love is misused, we are not happy and it brings out our weaknesses - we don't care, we can lie, we can steal and we can destroy.

          Having said that our heart is the key does not of course exclude our minds as a "catalyst for intellectual awakening", to many people I believe our heart is the starting point, or the dynamic connection between our heart and mind is sometimes vague when we talk about our power to love and inspire.

          PM Gordon Brown believes that with our digital world today - with the power of our moral sense, is the key to right our planet so perhaps this is something we can do together: to ignite the minds and hearts of many people enough to nudge our world to transform and leave our logical mark in this illogical world and make us hope once again that there will be a better world that we hand over to our children to enjoy. http://Bit.Ly/KeyPower
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      Jun 21 2011: Mathieu,

      Thinking about your question re: X Factor. How about this?

      X = Human passions.

      Passions can be forces for destruction or construction. Anger can be convertible energy, for either positive or negative outcomes. Emotion-driven reactivity tends to motivate human actions. How depends on reactants.

      So: how can you use your anger as fuel to set off kinetic combustion?

      1. Concentrate concerns by focusing your energies on constructive change
      2. Constructively communicate them to make it easy for others to engage and achieve multiplying effect
      3. Create "chemical reactants" to engage passions (competition, excitement, earnestness, fun)
      4. Catalyze others to bond and create critical mass
      5. Sustain by:
      a. avoiding diluting focus of your most energizing passions, as captured in Step 1.
      b. building in more and/or adjust "reactants," as per Step 4.
      c. co-motivating self and others to fend off depleting negatives

      Transformative change = You x many others co-mulitplying mutual passions.

      Whaddya think?

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        Jun 22 2011: Andrea. Thank you for your reply. I find it to be heavily elaborate!

        I must address that I am a biophiliac, and thus I blame humans for a lot of things. The fact is that we are still here. Nature has not yet purged us from existence (that is of course highly attributable to our own convictions). I hate to come off as an angry reactionary type. I love life and I am a pacifist (You can tell by my picture).

        I'm just often confused about the choices that I see people make every day. Why do humans have destructive patterns that seem biologically entrenched in our course? I am merely expressing an emotion via this question as I highly doubt that eradicating a piece of human behavior is a way to solve anything.

        I believe that somewhere down the road I could be an asset to the transition of our "karaoke culture" (using a definition from Malcolm McLaren) into a more sustainable one. However I am a very poetic person, not a very scientific one, no matter where my interests and faith lie. I think simple answers trump complex problems. Which leads me to the passion element.

        Your model for co-multiplication of mutual passions has many controlled variables; focusing on constructive change, constructive communication, engaging passions, catalyzing the masses... I think it is viable for any driven individual. Someone who has a clear idea and is armed with weapons of mass patience.

        You are motivating and you are a fan of community and synergy, a robust combination!
        • thumb
          Jun 23 2011: "Weapons of mass patience." What a lovely phrase, Mathieu.

          As to your Q re: why do we humans have destructive patterns, I suppose Darwin would put it to survival of the fittest. Which calls up the Q of whether our attempts to live as we wish are conducive to our survival? Your point.

          Related to your identification as a biophilliac, the science of biomimicry provides lessons from nature that inform how we humans can adapt.

          As Janine Benyus told me: “99 percent of all species are extinct. If something has survived, we should look at why it has. Natural selection works.” (A TEDTalk by Benyus: )

          And I recently heard Dalai Lama adapt David Brooks' phrase "social animal." (An essay I wrote re: Dalai Lama's passionate synergy:

          The Bhuddhist leader pointed out that animals live in community without destroying their environments or attempting to exterminate other species. He calls for a convergence between Enlightenment-age scientific thinking and spiritually enlightened emotions to address what "ails us."

          Your assets, when and where you choose to apply them, could significantly contribute to this transformation. As you of course know, and indeed note.

          Meanwhile, I'll impatiently wait to see them emerge ;-)!

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    Jun 19 2011: I believe I am a spirit/energy being, having a human experience. I have chosen to come to this earth school, and am going to do the best I can with the time I have here. It's pretty simple:>)
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: I am motivated by a quest for significance.
    I think in some way, we all are. Why else do we post messages on a TED conversation? I think we do to be meaningful to someone else. To touch and be touched by our common humanity.
    Thanks for the question and the chance to reflect.
  • Jun 19 2011: What inspires me is my love for humanity.
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    Jun 19 2011: Does what motivates us change as we grow and experience life? I think it may, as I have been thinking about this question and felt almost like a non-human as I couldn't come up with an answer until I really looked back at my life.

    When I was younger, my main motivation was to please my parents (but boy did that end when I went away to college!) as I wanted to be a good daughter.

    As I got older and saw so many inequities in my high school, my motivation changed as I wanted to be the one to fix those inequities such as girls not being allowed to take shop classes. And as I look back, this one aspect of my being that has stayed with me, for even when I was in college, my classes were not my priority as I was too busy trying to change the world (or at least my part of it)

    After college, my main motivation was getting a teaching job and loathing the fact that I had to "play the game" in order to get one; but I knew that once I had it, I could truly get on with what I wanted to do and that was to motivate my students to love literature, write well, make ethical choices, be curious and to be the best that they could possibly be as both people and citizens of America.

    When I became a mother, my main motivation was instilling values in my children and teaching them about living simply, and being compassionate and curious. But when the economy slumped and I became a single parent, my main motivation again was to find a job, so I could feed, house and protect them, and those are times that I will never forget.

    After I did land a job, and my "other children"-my students- again entered the picture, my motivation was the same as before except in one area. I no longer wanted them to become good citizens of only America, but of the world. Thus my main motivation was to introduce them to life outside of the USA by sharing my experiences, reading about international events, watching live international city cams, having international pen pals, and of course listening to TED talks
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    Jun 19 2011: What gradually make me see my growth of relationship,job,...hobby motivates me.

    In my case, happiness is in it, but in a big objective I don't understand
  • thumb
    Jun 19 2011: Idea to be able to control my own professional destiny and freedom in choosing my path is what gives me joy, will and strength for each day. Having a team of good people who are experts in their fields of work is another thing that makes me get up with a smile and huge enthusiasm every morning. As far as i know this one life is only one each of us has and making sure to take all you can from it means no fear can be present and there is nothing to be afraid of.
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    Jun 19 2011: James,

    I've been thinking of your question for some time. It's a good one.

    Discovering, learning and creating are my most primary drivers. Competition and impatience are secondary motivations. Competition is as much about competing with myself as it is competing with others. Has to do with learning from mistakes or through practice to do better than I have before.

    Some would say I'm being too cute by half for claiming I'm not as competitive as I appear. But those would be the ones who I bet chocolate with. Since I usually win, it should be noted their assessment might be biased ;-).

    My impatience cuts both ways. Motivates me to get things done, which I often do. But also means I fall down occasionally, sometimes with an ungraceful splat. Which, in turn, motivates me to dial down a bit after I've dusted off.

    Knowing how satisfying discovering, learning and creating is is what motivates me to do them. And knowing that if I don't do one (or better yet all three) each day I'll feel dull. I am somewhat kinetic, so inertia can feel stifling.

    So I try to build all three into each endeavor somehow. Though I have yet to figure out how this works for things like sorting socks ;-).

    I need a mix of meeting my motivating drives alone and with others. With somewhat different concentrations for each.

    Learning is something I feel comfortable doing alone through reading, reflections on conversations I have or what I've heard and writing.
    I'm drawn to co-creating things with others. But I'm equally driven by creating on my own.
    Discovery is more satisfying for me with another or a few others. That sense of daring or "isn't this cool?" or "lets see where this goes" is more satisfying when I do it with people who have equal interests in and energies to discover new information, concepts, people, places, experiences, whatever.

  • Jun 17 2011: For myself, it is God & people. All of my aspirations stem back to these. They provide context, meaning, and direction to everything I do.
  • Jun 17 2011: What drives me is a longing to be everything that I can be, and a fear that I may come to the end of my life and realize that I wasn't.
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    Jun 17 2011: Laziness motivates me.
  • Jun 17 2011: This brilliant man, Dr. Viktor Frankl has found the genuine power of motivation…
    Enjoy these videos, I find them suitable to this discussion here:
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    Jun 15 2011: Painting motivates me. Writing motivates me. Connecting to my inner wisdom motivates me through, over and above, the advice society delivers. Seeking truth, my own truth, has been a lifelong quest.
  • thumb
    Jun 15 2011: What compels me is the search for consciousness expansion, to learn and grow from each experience, and to help others do the same. We all have the potential for success, we just have to stop numbing ourselves and start pursuing our passions. I think the difference in those who achieve dreams and those who accept mediocrity boils down to the feeling, or lack of, personal power...the knowing we have control over our own lives, rather than the feeling that someone or something else is in control...believing that the power is internal rather than external. Once I stopped believing that something else was in control of my fate and that I was being constantly judged, and started believing life is all about expansion and death only occurs within the body, I no longer fear much of anything. :)
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    Jun 14 2011: when i wake up in the morning, my plans in the day motivate me. nothing like having good plans can not make me happy and motivate. seeing good friends, having good classes, doing something for people and knowing that tomorrow will be better than today for sure.
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    Jun 14 2011: My curiosity motivates me. I want to find something new everyday. I want to get carried away by a new thought, a new idea, a new emotion everyday. That's the only reason why I enjoy my work as a social media manager so much...because I ca explore and quench my thirst for knowledge. IT makes waking up and coming to work worthwhile.
  • Jun 14 2011: I do''t know what compels me as a political activist. But there alweay seems there is soimething to do to make the world better.
  • Jun 14 2011: hay michelle moore. Are you THE Michelle Moore, or is that a name that you are using?
    Three things motivate me, one is electronic devices, books, and chating with people. what about you?
  • Jun 13 2011: What motivates me is anything that helps me to see and understand myself better.
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    Jun 13 2011: Recent events here in Tuscaloosa have reminded me that I have always worked longest and hardest when someone else was in need of my efforts. However, to suggest that this is altruism is naive. While the work is hard and exhausting, and one regularly thinks of quitting (not just resting), the fact is that everyday that I work in relief efforts I end up more content (not happy!). As Harry Chapin once said, "there's good tired and there's bad tired". "Good tired" motivates me to return and do some more. Bottom line, for me other people motivate me.
  • Jun 13 2011: Love.
  • Jun 13 2011: I wish the honor system was as strong as we would like it to be,I believe the "pay it forward" system could work we as people want to more, find ourselves. We just want to be happy but to do that we have to step out of our own personal boundaries to help,heal and give
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    Jun 11 2011: What motivates me is not so much to be the best person, but more to be the best person for the ones i love. I get up each day filled with more the need to become a better person to those around me.
  • Jun 10 2011: I want a brighter future, I want to fill my life with experiences that I will remember for a lifetime, I want to become a better person, I want to learn new things everyday.

    I need to be happy.
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    Jun 10 2011: certainly speaking I am not motivated by financial rewards and punishment. what motivates is knowing that what I do is important and the way I do it is in the most efficient manner based on the circumstances. what I do should add value to me and others. I need to enjoy what I do . I should learn from the experience. Most Importantly I should believe devote myself in what I am doing
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    Jun 10 2011: Reminding myself that nearly ALL the people are in some sort of pain, and the world needs a CHANGE.
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    Jun 10 2011: Learning from past experiences, living fully the present and enjoying life with family, friends and colleagues, is a great source of motivation for me; add to that, doing my little portion to change the world and make it a better place to be is what makes jump out of bed in the morning and look forward to a bright and fruitful day, day after day...
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    Jun 10 2011: Since i'm still young what motivates me is the future and what I can still make of it.
    • Jun 10 2011: I'm young too, I dont know what I want too make of the future to me it is bleak.
      • thumb
        Jun 10 2011: How do you know it's bleak? It's the future you never know whats in store for you! The future can always be changed so make your future whatever you want it to be.
  • Jun 8 2011: Sharing experiences with others; the connectivity between people.
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    Jun 8 2011: well there are different things that you can to be motivated, it just determines by what you think is the best my opinion, the way i motivate myself is
    1) think or imaging of the outcome of already doing it and see its all worth it
    2) say to yourself that this no problem if other people can face it then so can you
    3) reward yourself with something for a job well done
    and so on......
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    Jun 7 2011: TED, the companionship and hope that it brings is what motivates me.
  • Jun 7 2011: As a student, I'm motivated by the hope that if I work hard and do well, my future will be better than the present.
    According to Philip Zimbardo, that means I have a future life goal-oriented time perspective. (See 'Philip Zimbardo prescribes a healthy take on time')
    After reading other people's comments, I think I ought to have put something more altruistic.
  • Jun 6 2011: I've been staring at this question for quite a bit now, tooing and frowing about how to actually answer, indeed there is too much to answer here - but I think Conte Monteforte (below) has it right - in that life itself is the motivator, the need to survive. Without sad or happy feelings, there is no desire to move forward, to achieve anything - there would be no reason to actually live, and so one would probably just die (if anything from not taking care of oneself).

    However, that being the primal motivator I think it leads to the pursuit of happiness, where happiness is highly individualistic - but nevertheless rewards are paid. I do believe there are different motivators for different events or tasks dependent on the situation, but it all leads to trying to achieve a happy feeling - this one trait that each of us have that makes us act in a certain way. And what makes us happy seems to change with time and wisdom. I for one can virtually never put a puzzle down until I have solved it - which drives me crazy sometimes, and I will postpone meals or sleep until my brain has fried! Likewise I will never cheat at anything, not do I like help if at all possible - I must do it myself. Perhaps it is to do with ego, not so much other people's views of myself, but my own.

    By removing the financial side of the equation is interesting, but it may be misleading and will skew the figures as you are potentially left with 2 groups: those who think they know what would motivate them with no financial issues; and those who actually have no financial issues - such as the super rich who can afford anything, and end up competing with each other to 'be more', fueling their ego with bigger and bigger things, which as it gets bigger seems to become more vulnerable, so they try to protect it more from failure - giving them more motivation to succeed.

    I just want to do, and help, as much as I can before I die :)
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    Jun 6 2011: Love, friends, food, water, nature, hypocrisy, lies, and abuse of others....
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    Jun 5 2011: A little insight into motivation from DILBERT:
  • Jun 5 2011: Tough experiences motivate me !! I always tell myself if others hurt me, am I also going to join them, or act differently toward myself? I choose to do good to Nevin, challenge her and move forward together.
    • thumb
      Jun 5 2011: I must admit I don't like Tough Experiences, I find that a scar is the best teacher, and it teaches me "Can't win, don't try".
      So I guess Nevin you and I are very different, success and applause motivates me, not adversity.
      Maybe I'm a bit lazy.
      • thumb
        Jun 6 2011: I really hate to suffer but I have to admit that the times that I have suffered especially at the hands of others have motivated me and cemented my resolve that I will never do such things to anyone else.
        I guess that's not the motivation I prefer but it sure is effective in turning my spine into iron about the issues.
      • Comment deleted

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          Jun 13 2011: Hi there Wongmo
          Would you seek out bad experiences?
          If bad experiences shape and motivate you, are they not to be sought?
          I would prefer to find success, focus, and build on what is going well, not dwell on failure.
          You don't warm yourself up with tricks, when it's the main event that you're excited by.
          If you like Challenges and Scars, that's ok, but strikes me as a bit odd like motivating yourself with for sex with a bit of S&M first ;)
      • Jun 10 2011: I am not afraid of scars, they are mere flesh wounds and I expect to get a few on my journey of discovery; mental scars are different but the aim of the journey is to create a strong enough mind so as not to get a serious mental scar.
        Getting a scar doesn't mean you can't 'win', just try it again a different way. Even through failure one should learn something. Here's a quote from Marie Curie: "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less"

        I don't believe anyone 'likes' suffering, by definition it is a negative experience (though there are those who get pleasure out of it), but the point being it is a character building process even though it might not seem like it at the time.

        It's clear some people are motivated to avoid the negative, and others are motivated to gain success.
        • thumb
          Jun 13 2011: Well I agree that nothing to be achieved that is worthwhile is easy, but that it different to motivating yourself by finding challenges, deliberately scaring yourself.
          The essence of what you're trying to achieve, the target, should be motivation enough, not that is east or difficult per se.
          ie: it is getting to the the top of the mountain that matters, not whether you take the difficult or the easy way that matters. In my life, I have found taking the easy way to the top of the mountain has made me want to climb more mountains...!
      • Comment deleted

        • Jun 15 2011: @James - I also certainly don't see the need to deliberately scar oneself - yes some people get off on that, but I think we know it's not the norm. Though there is a tribe in Africa where the male with the most scars has access to the most/best women because they are a survivor- but that's a side story.

          However I must say the essence of what one is trying to achieve is highly individual. I prefer to call myself more efficient than lazy, however I don't always pick the easiest route. It does depend on the situation, but I like a challange. If something is too easy I don't get much satisfaction. Driving to the top of a mountain would not be as 'accomplishing' as hiking up it, nor does finding new routes up it. Occasionally I run barefoot on my gravel drive to get the post, rather than put on my shoes - yes, it hurts a bit, but I am used to that level, so when I really hurt myself by accident I can deal with the pain better. Sometimes I choose to run over rocky shores when at the beach to keep me more agile - this has frequently prevented twisted ankles in the street.

          Usually I have the target in mind, but I try to get something extra out of the journey rather than just the end goal. But yes, there are times when I really just can't be bothered and take the easy option.

          Speaking in front of people used to be a nightmare for me, after facing the fear/challenge and doing it a few times it's no problem now. I could have just taken the easy option and not done it, but I am so glad I didn't now.

          You kind of said it but - I just wanted to say taking on challenges isn't the same a deliberataly scarring yoruself, and the 'worth' or gain of an experience is down to the individual.
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    Jun 5 2011: As a high schooler?

    Thoughts of trips to the movies, heartfelt talks, driving in two years, of watching FC Barcelona with my friends. Thoughts of success, of getting valedictorian, of being the best student I can be.

    As a human?

    Thoughts of making my life the absolute best it can be. Not wasting time, and enjoying every single thing that I ever do. Thoughts of riding the century-long roller coaster that is life and loving it. Sure, I'll make mistakes, and have before. But I've come back from those mistakes and become a better person. Thoughts of seeing places I've never seen before, doing things I would only dream of. Thoughts of exceeding expectations, becoming someone I would love to be.
    • thumb
      Jun 13 2011: I think this is a thoughtful comment, so I wanted to push it by adding a few of those thoughts whirling around in my head myself. I also see those different spheres: what motivates me in my current situation and my daily struggle - and what motivates me as a human.

      Daily struggle: success, proving myself I can do what I want to do -- and enjoying small things, small moments that just lighten up every day.

      As a human: challeinging myself, throwing mysefl in at the deep end and seeing what happens. Yes, making my life the absolute best it can be. But what I think is best, not what anyone else says. Including all those wrong decisions or missed opportunities that do make sense in the long run, because -- and that's what my mom says -- for every door that closes, another one will open. You won't immediately understand why even failure makes sense, but sooner or later, you'll get it. For me, this is a part of what motivates me: embracing what has gone wrong to take new motivation from it.
  • Jun 4 2011: I think reason to die. so i have not chose but move on. that's my motivation.
  • Jun 4 2011: Pressure. It's why I'm such a procrastinator! I need some sense of urgency or pressure in order to perform my best. It works well, but it sucks once that becomes the only way to really motivate one's self.
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    Jun 4 2011: The desire to have a meaningful life.
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    Jun 4 2011: SURFING!
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    Jun 3 2011: Niente. Questa "motivation" non significa nula per noi. ( Nothing. This " motivation" doesn't mean nothing for us.) Veramente noi non abbiamo bisogna da nessuna motivazione. La nostra vita e abbastanza forte e notevole significatta.
    • thumb
      Jun 4 2011: Wow! What an interesting thought! Conte, you suggest that life does not need motivation. It is a strong force that is significant in its own right. Is that what you have in mind?
      That takes me back to a recent question on TED conversations that asked what the purpose of life was and i was struggling to formulate an answer. I could ony ask- what is the purpose of a rose bush, and elephant, a chimp or primitive man? Wouldn't ours be similar- to experience life to the fullest and pass it on to the next generation?
      I still have no real answer.
      • thumb
        Jun 4 2011: Carissima Signora Debra, mi piace di fare il nuncio da la bella presenza da la Baronessa Ninna Di Val-Taranto, amica mia, che si summa a la nostra Scuderia di Conversa.

        Questa idea de la MOTIVAZIONE, e una cosa nuova che traverso la psicologia contemporanea esiste. Per noi antichi popoli che la VOLONTA sempre presente insieme a la Confidenza. La motivazione e un invento umano dal pensiero laico. La Volonta e Divina e diventa dalla stessa Providenza. Volonta significa Volere...amare. E questo sentimento esce dall nostro interiore per manifestare la nostra volonta umana. Invece, la idea de motivazione proviene dal estero di noi e intenta adattarse ai nostri desideri. E piu commoda questa motivazione ma non e reale per noi. ( Il buono di Archibald adesso e in cucina per la sistemazione dalla prima colazione e subito finisce, fara la traduzione.) Auguri a tutti.
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2011: Carissima Signora Debra...Alcuni domande misteriose:

        1. Why people need motivations?
        2. Since when exist that need?
        3. Our little kids need motivations? At what age begin that necesity?
        4. Who invented that and why?
        • thumb
          Jun 5 2011: Caro Conte e Baronessa;

          Si ricorda lo spirito dei bambini e lo ricordo da non solo i miei figli, ma da quando ero piccolo io. E 'stato un naturale stato di grazia. Abbiamo perseguito la nostra curiosità e fascinazioni. Il mondo e il dolore imposto l'idea che avevamo bisogno di motivazioni. Si tratta di una lacerazione dell'anima e credo che io sono ancora perso nel strappi. Non riesco a trovare la motivazione. È che, poiché il mio spirito è schiacciato?
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2011: Signora Carissima il mio cuore si stringe. L'spirito mai e schiacciato...magari la mente. Il spirito e invencibile Debra per cio lei non e persa ....gli strapi non sonno per lei. Avanti cara, avanti, forse la tempesta porta la temperanza per voi. Avanti sempre. La divisa dela Legioni Romane e : RECISA NEC RECEDIT...always forward.
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    Jun 3 2011: all in all I say death or our knowledge of our death has done more to motivate people than anything else. Better to invest our knowledge, and energy into something than let death have complete victory over us.
    • Jun 3 2011: Anthony, I'm playing a little devils advocate here but wouldnt the thought of death only compel you to do the bare minimum to get by??
      • thumb
        Jun 5 2011: well yes to survive another day, death is certainly a motivator when it comes to doing the life's minimums: eating, basic hygiene, finding shelter, etc. That said the bare minimum can include finding a cure to a disease, or becoming a skilled solider, neither of which are done with ease.
        Beyond that though, death erases any meaning that life can hold that is not re-seeded in others. Whether one plants meaning in the world by creating a family, acquiring status, making art, its all a way of defying the rising tide of nothingness. I suspect one of the reasons why we are so concerned with being productive in the industrialized world is we tend to not deal with death. As we send our sick and old to die in hospitals and nursing homes, as we do not allocate proper time to grieve we never have the chance to come to terms with death. I really doubt if any culture is completely ok with dying but at least some see it as a normal part of life. My observations have supported the idea that the more one is willing to submit to one's mortality the clearer one can live life. I suspect this is true and I suspect this is true as cultures as well.
  • Jun 2 2011: Knowing I can make a positive impact on an individual is a regular motivator for me ... regardless of how small that impact might be.
  • Jun 1 2011: My first thoughts on reading this question was to tweak the question internally to ask "Why are some compelled to achieve their dreams every day, while for others it is occasional, and for some rarely?". I agree with Yaacov's comments above that elements of this are hard-coded within us, for some the need for approval, for others the need to excel, as well as the desire to win (beat others) lurking about as well.

    On a personal basis, I find the removal of negativity a key motivating force. When I have worked in environments where there was little culture of blame / failure, I found my desire to work harder increase, conversely I have found environments where the cattle-prods come out until I have reached the pre-ordained solution a drag on motivation.

    Dipping lower down Maslow's hierarchy, I have definitely found my motivations change with the arrival of children. I am now much more conscious of both time and money.

    Really interesting question - look forward to how the conversation develops.
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    Jun 1 2011: My dreams is one thing that motivates me a lot eventhough the problems, the failures. The only thing that really moves me on is the dreams and the projections I have in life.
    • thumb
      Jun 1 2011: Great quote to support this from H D Thoreau.
      "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined."
  • Jun 1 2011: I believe that the need to be productive and contribute is in our individual source code and is a motivational force. Those who lack this need have been damaged in some way overtly or otherwise.
    Perhaps the degree of productivity we each have is cultural. I am not sure.
    I remember hearing a theory as a child as to why Americans are disproportionately large contributors to the world community especially for such a young country. The theory is that there is a character trait for taking risks –a key ingredient in the creative process. Europeans who moved to America in the early years when the country for the most part was still unsettled, were big risk taker in the first place or else they would have never come.
    Please excuse the tangent, but to tie it all together being a productive contributor involves risk and is deeply imbedded in our nature. And this is what motivates me to get up in the morning. : )
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    Jun 1 2011: I am deeply motivated when I'm loved unconditionally. I am loved unconditionally when I'm loved because of (1) my core identity as someone of great worth, importance, of great value (as conscious human being); (2) my core identity as someone of great intellect; and (3) my core identity as someone of good will.

    I don't feel happy and motivated when I am loved because of my external identities - the way I look, the way I talk, my education, my current behavior or my affiliations, my wealth and power or the lack of it. These identities change and when the love that I receive is based on these then I know that this kind of love will not last, it will not make me truly happy. When I am secure of my inner worth then it's easier for me to understand the level of appreciation and recognition (or the lack of it) that my current external identities deserve. It is easier for me to improve myself to my greatest potential.

    I believe that all human beings are essentially the same in their core identities. We are only different by the extent that our core intellect and good will is maximized to its greatest external identities. The people that inspire and motivate me are the ones that have achieved their greatest intellectual potential and at the same time contributed their good will to many people.

    Some people maximized their greatest intellectual capacities and amass great wealth but not at the same level as their good will. It is motivating for me to know nonetheless that I can provide for my basic needs and can have the joy and happiness that my family and my friends we each provide in our relationships.

    I realize also that I'm part of a global family with members that could not even afford basic necessities. I have hope and motivation to help my global family knowing that we the people have the power to motivate more people in transforming our system of government and business into an equitable and sustainable global home.
  • Jun 1 2011: the people around me and my own goals and aspirations
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    Jun 1 2011: Stimuli generating morale, satisfaction and rewards.
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    May 31 2011: Hope.
  • thumb
    May 31 2011: Life.
  • thumb
    May 31 2011: what things would be in the future.
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    May 31 2011: Ideas. Music. Use of language - poetry.
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    May 31 2011: People like Bill Gates and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam motivates me. They are making everyone to feel there presence and contributing to world. And earth needs to have people like them.
    • thumb
      Jun 1 2011: Aseem....While smothering their competitors.