Esu Kumara

President & CEO/ Founder; Wayshower, SOVRNTY

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How do we find Happiness in a world of constant change?

There is a precise way to be happy and healthy and filled with meaning and purpose in life. The only reason all do not manifest this dominion of purpose is because they do not use their Natural Authority—that with which each individual is endowed and by which he is intended to govern his world. Thus, they are not obeying the Law of Love by pouring out peace and blessing to all creation.

"This comes about through their failure to accept and acknowledge themselves—Temples of a Greater Selfhood—and to hold this acknowledgment with firm and faith-filled recognition. Humanity—in its present seeming limitation of time, space, and activity—is in the same condition a person in need would be to whom some one held out a handful of money. If the needing one did not step forward and accept the money held out to him—how in the world could he ever have the benefit—which it could bring.

"The mass of mankind is in exactly this state of living today—and will continue in it—until they accept the real and true Identity within their hearts as—the Owner—Giver—and Doer—of all the Good—that has ever come into their lives and world.

"The personal self of every individual must acknowledge completely and unconditionally that the human has absolutely nothing of its own. Even the energy by which one recognizes the Greater Self Within—is radiated into the personal self by this Greater Self.

"Love and praise—of That Great Self Within—and the attention maintained focused upon Truth—health—freedom—peace—supply—or any other thing that you may desire for a right use—persistently held in your conscious thought and feeling—will bring them into your use and world—as surely as there is a Great Law of Magnetic Attraction in the Universe.

"The Eternal Law of Life is that—'Whatever you think and feel you bring into form; where your thought is there you are—for you are your consciousness; and whatever you meditate upon—you become.

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    May 31 2011: This life on which we have some control need to be focused with all positivity, no point in worrying with something out of control.
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    Jun 3 2011: that is partially an assumption that things are out of control. If we align with the higher part of Self, then it will control and guide us into harmony and happiness.