Youth Council Chair, ShelterBox USA

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WE COUNT 2. A movement to challenge our US Architects to evolve building to withstand natural disasters that annually take lives.

Why does our nation keep rebuilding structures that will not keep us safe from natural disasters? Our society watches the news to see hurricane, earthquake and tornado destruction every year, but still we rebuild the same unsafe structures.

The saddest part is that our society consistently replies "We never thought this would happen to us" when they are interviewed after their home was destroyed. Do we honestly think that the earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes only exist on TV; that it happens to "someone else"? If we built homes with the focus on saving lives, the effect would ripple to assist so many area's like lowering insurance costs, businesses could stay open and society could function after each disaster.

It is time to evolve our thought process of every day building, and encourage Architect's to remember that WE COUNT 2.