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Crowd funding as an alternative source for education funding. Leveraging the world's human capital.

The team from Funding4Learning have created the first worldwide crowdfunding platform dedicated entirely to facilitate the financing of studies and educational projects around the world.

The numerous financial restrictions and lack of funding for education, specially in emerging countries, is a major problem that hasn't been addressed by both institutions and the media. This initiative, if successful, would create the starting point for cooperative educational funding solutions, like collective scholarship schemes.

We are currently trying to spread our idea and project to as many people as possible, and are open for constructive feedback on how to shape our business idea in a way that would benefit the most people.

You can find us at

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    May 31 2011: Crowd-sourcing Video content can be very powerful. Ie: ask a community of film makers to submit 1 minute videos ona particular topic.
    At my day job at MOFILM, we have created more than 5,000 videos for brands and social causes, and the social cause videos are always especially exciting for the film-makers.
    Extending this idea into creating educational ideas could be very powerful...
    Look at this we made for the UN for promoting sustainability