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What is the efficient use of routine 24 hours in terms core responsibilities for effective living?

We caught up enough in daily life that we lose to maintain a balance between income, family, friends/relative, social responsibility, personal growth, and faith.

I am looking to find a list of core actions/responsibilities for a daily life which is effective living, not just getting old.


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    May 30 2011: I really like the wisdom of this question because if we are able to address how we live our day, we begin to shape how we might live our lives.It's our close proximity that stalls us isn't it Shokrullah? I am going to look into answering your question directly.
    • May 31 2011: Dear Christopher,
      Yes it is, The realy purpose of this question was if I am not going to live 24 hours effectively how am I going to be effective in my entire life? We should live effectively on smaller unit life duration.

      Thank you and looking forward for your experience

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