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what are ideas of writing class for students? and what are good ways to make people to help each other in a community?

I started to help the students and adults in cao chang di art zone in beijing half a year ago. There are twenty thousand people live here. There are Chinese and foreign artists, galleries, local landlords, most are migrants.

1. I organised students and adults get together to share and discuss topics about their study, life and work in this community for support and help each other. I would like to hear more ideas about how to help the education for a community? Thanks!

2. I was inspired by Dave Eggers's talk: once upon a school. I ask the help from you to give me more ideas of writing class. I found the students' purpose of their school and family life are all related to high score. There is almost no other important things than score. I want to help the students. I like to hear your suggestions.

By the way there are some books for adults and students too


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    May 29 2011: Thank you for trying so hard to help your students.

    Here is my idea to get your students writing and learning and helping the community at the same time.

    Ask your students to interview members of your community. Collect good community stories. Get your student to retell the stories by writing them for radio. Send the stories to me and I will publish them on Kids Talk Radio. Students in America would love to hear your stories from China. Students need a good reason to write. Once they have a good reason they will write. You help the community by having students tell their stories.

    I am happy to help

    Kids Talk Radio

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