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Now that we have amazing technology, and every fashion of social network how do we make it effectively solve the problem facing our humanity

Its no doubt that we are more informed today about issues, however, how do we take this knowledge and create the needed solidarity to resolve the issue of poverty, racism, inequalities. etc. Millions of people interact on Facebook and Tweeter, but to what end in the final analysis is served? For example, I asked a Facebook site with over 19000 followers (mostly African Americans) to use his mass numbers to influence political policy, and create a collective consciousness around critical issues...The response from the site administrators as well as many of his followers, believed that his current near gossip approach of a different topic every day was more valuable.
Knowledge is like a weapon, however, if one is untrained in how to use it, it will not serve to win the battle. With that said, I believe strongly that the problems facing our humanity will not be properly addressed by armchair revolutionaries, bloggers, and tweeters simply providing information. Awareness does not necessarily lead to change, of which we all are well aware. To those who are suffering the abuses of poverty, etc, this approach is of sharing information without interventions is cowardly, goes only part way; and a waste of the valuable airwaves we have to initiate real change. The question is how do we take our mass social networking to increase our impact as change agents that truly makes a difference.

  • May 29 2011: One cannot save someone who does not want to be saved. Saving the world - start from micro level, particular to general.
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    May 28 2011: Social Nitpicking sites will never lead to the solving of all of life's stubborn, hard to remove stains.

    If you can mobilise enough people (for more than just a flash mob dance routine) then more power to you (as long as that power doesn't corrupt), but I think it's more useful to forget about saving the world - leave that for superman.

    Better to apply fixes in the local neighbourhood.