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Is it possible to live a modern and sustainable life in 30-40 GJ/person/year energy consumption? This is almost 1/10th of that used by US.

One of the major problems of modern world is the runaway consumptive lifestyle of western nations. I am proposing for debate whether we can live a sustainable and emotionally satisfying life in about 30-40 GJ/person/year energy consumption. This is almost 1/10th that used by an average American citizen.

I have shown with my own example that it is possible to do so http://www.nariphaltan.org/simplelife.htm

One of the important factor in simplifying life is to reduce the greed for resources and that is possible by becoming spiritual. Spirituality allows us to have a perspective in life and caps our greed for material goods.


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    May 30 2011: I will write my opinion and then get into reading your example.
    I believe we can. It wouldn't even require a hugely significant change in life (if adapted as a whole, or you have the resources to do so). By this, I mean: recycle, use public transport/your own body to go to places, buy energy efficient equipment and only use them when necessary, flush only when necessary, try to grow some of your own herb & vegetables, and most of it could be achieved by creating energy efficient households that: are built with earth sustaining materials, have things like solar panels and kinetic energy, with space for gardening and the such.. Currently, I'm living a rather wasteful life (Western life) but I do recycle, buy used clothes as well as pass my clothes on, flush only when needed (at home), turn off electrical equipment, buy organic and I do grow some of my own herbs.

    My personal ideal would be to make enough money to create a close to self-sustained building with my own water well, and garden area, in nature.. we can all dream :) lets see what happens with the world first.. Fukushima, US hyperinflation, wars and all other things considered..

    After reading your article, I must say you are an impressive man. I hope that society can learn from examples, such as yourself, and become more self-sustained, much less wasteful and harmful to society.. however, the way things are with LDC's aspiring to be more Western and increase 'GDP' and with CO2 emissions being historically the highest ever last year... its hard to see this happening.. Perhaps if we get more examples, such as yourself.

    Keep up the good work and spread your methodology and ideas further!

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