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What will it take to make special education in America even better?

Students, parents, teachers, administrators, support staff and friends of children with special needs have to get ready for the future now. Special education in America is ready for a makeover.

Kids Talk Radio is doing a mini series on special education in America. We need your help. Your comments will be posted on TED, Kids Talk Radio, Super School Teen TV, Super School Press, Youth World News, and PNN, the Personal News Network. We are looking for answers to the following questions. Do you know someone we should be talking to?

1. What will it take to fund special education?
2. How can we do a better job training teachers?
3. How can we help parents of children with special needs?
4. How can we best use technology in the field of special education?
5. Who has some fresh new ideas that will help the field of special education?
6. Who are some of the leaders in special education?
7. Who has a special education success story?
8. Who should we interview about special education?
9. What is working in special education?
10. What is the next big thing in special education?

We want you to get involved in this important conversation. If you have any fresh ideas that could help special education involving iPads, iPhones, Mac's, PC's, Internet and cloud technology, we want to hear from you.

Are you a student or adult with a specific learning disability? Would you be willing to share your story with us. Our main goal is to start a conversation that will lead towards making special education better for students with special needs.

The special education community will benefit from your feedback.


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    May 28 2011: Greetings Therese,

    Using technology in special education is solving some important problems. Thank you for sharing the success that you are having working with teachers. I am sure your comments will help others. Please continue to share.

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