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A Reality TV Show on Education

By telling the stories of a few schools multi-year journey to educational transformation, we can create the medium for innovative education transformation, enlightenment of the public on American education and inspiration of the creativity of others to improve education for all children globally.

The idea for the show is not strictly reality - it will have a creative element in the arts. It will be designed with a vision in mind thus allowing for the creativity and innovation to bubble out of it - the unexpected idea, the unanticipated consequence. It is also not like the current movement in education. I am thinking of taking a different approach based on the research I have read.

I am working on the script, concept, and rationale this summer and would love to work with others collaboratively in the areas of film, music, PR, business, entertainment, professional development, design, technology, professional development, education and anything else you can think of that would add to the creativity of the show.

I am inspired by the authors:
Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind,
Sir Ken Robinson, The Element,
Clay Christensen, Disrupting Class,
as well as many of my colleagues in the education field, shows on TV and blogs that I follow on Facebook.

Because of the nature of synergy and open-endedness, I am looking forward to hearing anything.

If you are inspired to work together on this project, please let me know.

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    Jul 19 2011: Getting exposure for cutting edge schools so that more people become aware of alternatives to the same old B.S. is a very useful idea. Most shows with an education backdrop reinforce the same old cliches and stereotypes perpetuating the myth that with a bit more tinkering western education and communism can both be made to work. Glee is very entertaining but the school backdrop is almost 1950's in feeling.
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    Jun 7 2011: I think it is fantastic. Documentaries have short impact and limited audiences, Reality could gain momentum and impact. Daniel Pink, Sir Ken Robinson and Eckhart Tolle are great thought shapers for this, as well as the Blue School in New York. I work in media and curriculum based in empowering Ideas, Art & Music [iam] "an education make over", could provide a whole new mind with a brilliant heart.... [thank you for yours Therese]
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      Jul 4 2011: Thanks for the encouragement, Terry - if you have any advice or suggest any resources of any kind - I'd be happy to hear about it - there is not much overlap between people in entertainment and education, but I'm going to keep researching and trying to find a link. I just think there is something there to be explored and tapped into. Sincerely, Therese
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    May 31 2011: Hi, Andrew - that's the beauty of creativity! I'm not so worried about an ocean getting in the way. I have found that I learn very much about education by studying it in a different light. I wonder what comparing our two educational systems in a media frame might look like.

    I have thought of an online series and that may end up being the way to go. Recently though, I have read that TV sill holds a strong hold of audiences. My target audience - unless someone suggest otherwise - is families. TV is a time for families to talk about things. I'd like to start a really interesting conversation that people then bring to work to talk about during their lunch hour or on Facebook.

    Really - if you are interested, it would be great to bounce ideas around with others.
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    May 30 2011: As the arts continue to be squeezed out of the U.S. educational system, I think anything that helps restore the heart of meaningful, enjoyable education is a wonderful idea! I think the stigma that has been attached to "reality" shows should be avoided, though, and instead focus more on presenting it as a documentary, or just-as described here-a video journey.
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    May 29 2011: Sounds like a great idea - I would put my hand up in assisting any way I can, but alas I'm in Australia. Unless of course you are willing to come down here to do the series :)

    Have you thought about going down the path of uploading the series online, instead of mass media TV? Youtube videos etc? May have less technical startup constraints, however not sure about consumer / audience - who is your target market?