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Do you use systematic ideation approaches? If so, which are these?

----------- main question ----------------

If you need to come up with a new idea, do you use systematic ideation approaches (like certain creativity techniques, or other tools or methods)?

----------- follow-up questions ----------------

If so: Which techniques do you use (describe them)? For what purpose do you use them? Do you use special tools (Software or "things")?

If not: Why don't you use any? Are there any particular reasons? What keeps you from using systematic techniques?

----------- inspiration for your answers ----------------

For general ideation, one could use
- brainstorming
- brainwriting
- mindmapping
- ...
Do you use any of these?

Did you develop your own method?

Do you use any special methods for coming up with new business ideas, or new products and services by combining existing ones with new trends? How do you systematically come up with solutions to existing problems?

Or do you think systematic innovation/ideation is impossible? Why?

I would like to make a list of all your answers and publish your ways of coming up with new ideas on the Web.