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A true effort is required to see the commoner of Pakistan by Indians, unblemished by the media and the bitter history both the countries saw

The India-Pakistan is a war in the cold that has raised questions of its reasonableness many a times. Has our society been in the process of thought-moulding by the media since partition? Have our perceptions become limited to the Idiot box's "Sansani khulasa : Bomb blast mein pakistani ISI ka haath"? Do we really know the real Pakistani? Will the commoner across the border kill me the moment he knows about my nationality? These are questions we have rarely bothered to ask ourselves, much rarer have them answered. But, I don't think I would be wrong to say that political diplomacy has molded the common man's opinion in a style, derogatory to humanity itself. Such a damage to our thinking may be permanent if we don't question such ideas. My idea is to build up a cross border forum, something as simple as a Facebook page, where the common man will be able to express what he really feels about the neighbor and vice-versa. Knowing the original of the neighbor is the simplest way to clarify years of exaggerated hatred in our minds.

  • May 27 2011: The basic intention and thought of mine was to bring up certainty regarding our neighbour ideologies. I wouldn't oppose the incidents that triggered of 1965,1971 and Kargil. Even now, infiltration and terrorist camps are a burning image on the peace attempts. All that I am questioning is that "Are we right in generalizing such an idea for the entire Pakistan Community"?
    Thank you for your support for an open forum. I would definitely like to know more about how this entire project can flag off
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    May 27 2011: Hi Sarthak,

    I do like this idea of a cross border forum. It will help us know the actual commoner from Pakistan. How they react to our ideas and comments will help us to get to know them better and vice versa.

    The reason for why the common man here, in India, thinks ill of a Pakistani, is not the media though, as you say. For all we know the "Sansani Khulasa" is true. But even though it is true, it does not mean that all Pakistanis are interested in blowing bombs in India. The main reason for Indians' hatred towards the Pakistanis, according to me, is the fact that every single war that has been fought between India and Pakistan was initiated by Pakistan. There has been a lot of attacks on India since 1947. And the image of each of these attacks is still burnt onto the hearts and minds of the Indians. We cannot forget all the losses that we had to face because of them.

    I agree that the commoner from Pakistan can be a good person, but we wont know for sure until we actually interact with them. And yes, a cross border forum is an excellent idea.