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Virtual rehabilitation system to help remap the brain overcoming trauma and healing emotional as well as physical effects in 3d immersion.

I've been utilizing open-source education to retrain myself, and along the way I've stumbled upon the potential to revolutionize the rehabilitative process. Utilizing the Therastride, created by Innoventor in St Louis Mo, as a basis, I propose adding a fully immerseable 3d environment to advance the mind-mapping process. Take this same potential into less severe rehabilitation such as after surgery or a heart attack allowing a person to rehabilitate in a virtual environment. From personal experience having to constantly face the illness you have is non-conducive to healing. Immersing a person in a 3d game like simulator, that could offer a plethora of options for treatment, would be much more effective enjoyable, and likely to be used.

Think kinect meets Total Recall. Or the holodeck. Except with a physical, mental, and emotional process aimed at real healing.

Picture people with severe spinal injuries being able to feel what it would be like to run, and signals could be sent to actually stimulate the muscles, and brain like never before.

Gaming environments are already being used to treat PTSD in soldiers returning from war, similar treatments could be utilized for other trauma victims as well.

What would it take to create such a system? Game and environment developers, which I think could be recorded by people living actual events, then replaying them back through a virtual environment. But those details will come. What are your thoughts?

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    May 28 2011: i think uitlizing these techniqs in condjuction with other tools, ones that may act on the centeral nervous system, might be interesting