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Ex Director, Maastricht University India Institute, Maastricht University

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How often do you feel that the comments/remarks (below the article) by the readers are far more powerful than an article itself?

I am frequently mesmerized to see very smart remarks by readers on very well known authors/writers/columnists.


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    • May 27 2011: Richard,
      Though I understand the essence of what you mean, I really have a reservation about that common wisdom. I think it also depends on who this 'we' are and who this 'me' is. We have seen many mishapes in 'we' decision in democratic setup and many examplary cases in 'me' decision making process.

      But yes, at times I am thrilled to read some of the comments and their depth of thinking that goes much deeper than the writer him/herself. Amazing enriching power of connectivity.....

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