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What makes our personality and why is unique then billions of people?

religion, place, family, traditions, food ,cultures and weather have a big influence on our personality and character. is that mean we cant be anyone we want?

  • Jul 13 2011: The personality that defines a person is directly influenced by the environment he/she interacts with. It is influenced by the day to day happenings around that individual. As a child you learn by seeing your peers and your elders. Then there is the question of the different languages and cultures that you are brought up in. And then there is the media. We form our own prejudices and these shape our personality and makes it unique. We might be able to imitate another person but can never replace them.
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    Jul 13 2011: Is it possible, we can make a environment around ourselves that will make us super smart and won't have any negative influences ?do you think so?
  • Jun 5 2011: Well ... in my opinion:
    One can be anyone they want. The biggest influence which makes our personality is the simple choices we make in everyday life. This also defines your uniqueness.
  • Jun 3 2011: in my opinion, one of the important factors which infulence the personalities is the environment where people grow up.
  • Jun 1 2011: You can't be anyone you want, but there is at least the possibility to change people and remove some past influences. Phobias can be cured, religion can be changed or lost entirely. Even genes can be tweaked with gene therapy.

    Free will defined as "the freedom to act the way your conciousness considers optimal" is more possible today than it ever has been before. We've learned so much about what works psychologically and medically in general. Strict freedom from determinism? Of course not, but it certainly gives you more of a feeling of free will, which at least increases quality of life.
  • May 30 2011: determinism (freedom is an illusion) with cerebral plasticity.
    The variety of the east behavior-attitudes had with the history, its genetics, the context present, etc,
    it will react like a robot with for stimuli: to remember, time present, interior context and outside…
    Our behavior is for half (approximately) with
    - genetics (in other words, such gene support-implies such behavior)
    - environment.
    Not having the same DNA, not the same environment, and an enormous brain allowing the discrimination of our own actions, a unicity is created.
  • May 29 2011: I don't believe in unique when it comes to humans on a global scale. There is unique within one group of people but when you take all the unique people from within these different groups they themselves form a group which defies the whole concept of unique.
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    May 27 2011: I fall in the determinism camp. Between our genes and our environment, I don't think there is an iota of self, we are who we are born to be and we become what we are told to become. we have no choice other than to be who we are.
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    May 27 2011: I'll start the discussion off with a bit of the academic stuff.

    The 5 Factor model of personality (OCEAN) Measure each from not at all to very.

    1) How open are you to new experiences?
    2) How conscientious are you?
    3) Are you and introvert? Or are you an extravert?
    4) How agreeable are you? (ie is it very important for you to get along with people or not very?)
    5) Neuroticism (anxiety etc) Are you highly neuotic or not at all?

    So if you multiplied the scores together- O xC xExAxN - you can see that each person's individual score could be quite different than any other persons score and we haven't even begun to think of the myriad of other factors that arise nor have we considered anything about environment.
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      May 27 2011: Hi Debra..................A few years ago, at a retreat I took the Meyers/Briggs test. I came out with INFP.
      It would be fun to take it again and see if I have changed.
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        May 27 2011: wuu ......Myers-Briggs great tool! though you might need a MBTI professional to help with indepth interpretation. I am an ENFP :D