Tom Olson

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When working, would you be willing to exercise and work at the same time if there were no impact on work productivity only burned calories?

During your busiest times of the year you may not have the motivation to workout before or after work or school. My idea is to increase work productivity by giving people the option to exercise while working. All you need to do is sit down on your chair and start pedaling while you work at your desk with your computer. Also if you have children that can't quite sit still and all they need to do is keep moving to focus, as a teacher, would this be helpful?
I'd like feed back on the possibility of integrating the workout room into the workplace, if it didn't make noise. There are some downsides to this, like sweating in your business cloths, focusing to hard on pedaling and less on your work ext. I want feedback on the pros and cons of whether you as a worker and manager would feel about the integration.
The last aspect of the experiment is the psychological impact it will have on workers. What would those who don't like the idea or can't feel: guilt, depression, bullying ext. And the positive impact: energy, self fulfillment, promotions.