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Will Islam gradually become the most dominant religion in the world?

I can't help wondering how passionately western people debate on Islam! What is really weird is to see them quoting Koran. I'm just curious is it the sign that Islam gradually puts other religions in shade?


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    May 26 2011: In the short run, I believe that Islam will continue to grow and become more dominant for several reasons.
    They appear to satisfy a strong human need of intense belonging that can be provided by a religous community in a disjointed world.
    Underdogs catch the emotion and attention of the world and they have often been percieved as underdogs.
    They have a substantial birth rate and many are emmigrating to nations that are warm and welcoming.
    Their men are sober so more of their energies can be harvested for their own communties and good works.
    If they really treat their own people kindly and care for one another it is a powerful vision with deep attraction for many.

    It will ultimately decline as people learn more about the world by internet etc. Isolated people can be convinced of the version of a story for a time but give them access to information about the wider world and people' curiosity takes over.
    If they do not get a handle on women's rights they will not have the warm welcome that they recieved in the past and that is starting already.
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      May 27 2011: Totally agree. Thanks, good point!
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      May 27 2011: Debra: All your points are valid and insightful.

      Would just add that the people of the "developed world" are going to be overwhelmed demographically by those of the "undeveloped world". Something we just need to accept.
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        May 27 2011: Tim, that is a fact. It is also why actual dialogue is vital.

        We need to start asking the really hard questions in a direct and polite manner right now.
        That's why i talk about my daughter-in-law and to a lesser extent my daughter's time in Saudi. They have to answer to the world NOW not someday when the demographics are victorious why 50% of people have no rights. They should be asked why right now - one of my sons had a Saudi roommate at university in Canada who was given a SLAVE for his 16th birthday. They should answer now why it was OK for Muhammad to have a 6 year old wife and why women must be covered and uneducated when Muhammads' first wives were educated business women who had the bank roll.

        We can ask fair questions now or we can face the consequences later. But we also have to be fair now as in the case of Palestine.
    • May 27 2011: Yes I can tell you that becoming a true Christian is not easy. Christ Jesus wants a lot of us bumbling sinners. I will always struggle to be more Christ-like. Where is the love in Islam?
    • Jun 2 2011: "It will ultimately decline as people learn more about the world by internet etc"
      there is no world wider then Islam.
      people will con into Islam by internet etc.
      Isolated people are who have controlled media and think Islam is bin ladan.
      what is definition of women's rights?

      please do not prejudice about Islam by Saudi.
      6 year old wife is not real. she was 15-17 year. its recorded different aged in different historical books from 6 to 22 years. and real was 15-17. also in warm countries girls grow faster.
      "why women must be covered"
      in Islam woman is special for her husband to protect and support family and childs training. family is very and child train important in Islam.
      "Muhammads' first wives were educated business women who had the bank roll. "
      prophet had only one wife until she died. and she spent all her money for prophet love and expanding Islam and then they had a poor life. and then all his wives were old widows for special reasons but one young (Aisha) that has its own story.

      Dear Tim,
      what is developed world? only technology? and developed military? what about spirituality and moral?
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        Jun 2 2011: Yes, I agree the use of the terms "developed" and "undeveloped" world are not the best (that's why I put them in quotes). What would you suggest instead to distinguish those countries that have become more industrialized and secular?

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