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Will Islam gradually become the most dominant religion in the world?

I can't help wondering how passionately western people debate on Islam! What is really weird is to see them quoting Koran. I'm just curious is it the sign that Islam gradually puts other religions in shade?


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    May 26 2011: i have nothing against religion. religion was made for a good purpose and its shows us the way of life. region does bring thousands of war but religion does bring peace too.
    i born in a Muslim family and off course i read Quran, but i also read bible, Gita, Iching and every single holly book possible. none of the religion told us to lie or fight. this is the beauty of religion. :)
    i just want to say one thing, i think it will explain everything.
    you dont need religion for being a good person, but you do need religion for go to heaven/hell.
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        May 28 2011: That's one of my favorites Richard , never read in English only read the Bengali version which is also a great piece of translation.

        Thanks for sharing
      • Jun 2 2011: Dear Richard,
        can you say Persian version of that poem?
        I think you interpret Persian poem by their surface meaning.
        Persian Poem is full of metaphor
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          Jun 2 2011: “There is no world wider then Islam.people will con into Islam by internet etc.”

          My fervent hope is that the internet does what it ultimately does best: Bring to light the truth about things, in which case Islam and the other world religions will be exposed for being what they largely are (yes, they provide something of a moral compass for some - not talking about that part) Antiquated documents that should be seen as such and left on the shelf when it comes to understanding and living fully the ever-evolving life that is the earth.
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          Jun 2 2011: گوینـــد کســـان بهشت بـا حــــــــــور خــوش است مــن می گویـــــــــم کــه آب انگــــــور خــوش است
          ایـــن نقـــــــد بگیــــــر و دست از آن نسیـــه بـــــدار کـــــــآواز دهـــــــــل شنیــــــدن از دور خــوش است
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          Jun 2 2011: Translate please.
      • Jun 2 2011: thanks Dear sha b,

        Dear Richard,
        that poem says there is no need to wait for death to enjoy Heaven. right now you can feel they enjoys of heaven by having close relation to God.
        for example here Khayyam says I already see the Heaven every where.
        if you be a friend of God your spiritual eye opens and you see Heaven around yourself already before death.

        چندانکه نگاه می کنم هر سویی

        در باغ روان است ز کوثر جویی

        صحرا چو بهشت است ز کوثر کم گوی

        بنشین به بهشت با بهشتی رویی

        translate is something like this:
        when I look around
        in garden is a river from Kowsar (a special pool in Heaven)
        Deseret is like Heaven, say less about Heaven
        sit in Heaven with a Houri
      • Jun 2 2011: Dear Jim Moonan,
        it is translated or poem Richard said in Persian.

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