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Is there a limit to evolution? Should we aspire creating a human 2.0?

I belive there is no limit for evolution. Men will evolve because that's what we do, we try and fail, but sometimes we also succeed. Overall, our evolution is made off errors. We, ourselves, as a specie, are a product of an error: a genetic mutation created the branch that evolved into the human man we know today. My point is that change is beneficial, at least in the long run, but i am afraid that, as time goes by we wiil change so much that we will stop looking and acting the way we do. Probably we will loose our identity, what we think makes us human. So, my doubt is the following: do you think we should keep on investing on technologies, such as biotech, that we know will shape the way we look, and probably change the definiton of human? is it beneficial to create a human 2.0?


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  • May 29 2011: Hi Fabio,

    Change is beneficial however i wonder if we are indeed still evolving. Our evolution not necessarily stopped but certainly slowed down because humanity managed to created through technology a protective comfortable surroundings. Because of this I cannot say that we are evolving at the same rate we were in the past. However technology is beneficial, I think our evolution on earth is coming to an end very soon and we will need another "version" of human in order to move and inhabit other planets and for this we need technology at least to get us there. And a lot of research.

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