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Lets each record one second every day!

At the TED Full Spectrum auditions, Cesar Kuriyama talked about One Second Everyday, where he collects a one-second video each day, and is editing them together. By age 80, he'll have a 5-hour video of his life.


It's an extraordinary way to summarize, and get perspective on his life, and also a way to examine and get perspective: what are we doing every day?

He encouraged everyone to do it, a lot of people have said they will. I know I want to.

So, how do we do it? Are there good free tools? Ideas for organizing, and making the process simple and habitual?

Ideas for what to shoot? How to select the second to use for that day?


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    May 26 2011: Personally i think a second doesn´t summarize you're day as fully as a minute can.
    but that is just my opinion =)
    • Jun 1 2011: i also think a second is too short a time. Maybe 15 or 30 secs. would be enough.
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        Jun 1 2011: I think it's not about summarizing the day; if that is your goal, then yes, 15, 30 secs, a minute, sure, and that'll be an interesting way to look back at a year. Maybe after capturing that, you could edit each to a second, that'd be an interesting [time consuming!] process.

        But I think the point is to gain a much longer look at things. Things come and go, always changing, and this process and result remind us of that fact. (Also a nice spin on the phrase "live in the moment")

        The seed of this conversation mentions the inspiration getting a 5 hour video by age 80 - that's already approximately two movies, imagine if it was 60x longer! A great video installation, but not practical to watch in one sitting. One second gives you a moment, and these moments add up to a swirl of life. Who knows what lessons will come of the end result, but it should be an interesting view, and the process of making it brings up all sorts of other interesting questions. . .

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