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How do you overcome a language barrier(especially English)??

There is no doubt that English is an international language. So, many many people are trying to learn English, or some people struggle to learn other languages. However learning other languages is really difficult and needs lots of efforts and time.

Personally, I also try to learn English. Here is my question; How do you overcome a language barrier? Please share your ideas, know-how, episode, and whatever :)


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    May 26 2011: Understadning and using body language is an easy way out. As body language covers bigger portion of communication... as said 'Only 7% of our communication is communicated through verbal words.

    Please check two links below

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      May 27 2011: Thanks you for your comment. Body language is essential part of communication. But, sometimes, you have to depend on just verbal words of language, such as job interview on the phone, essay for university admission. In this situation, how we deal with?
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        May 27 2011: Hi Dong
        You are welcome.
        You are right job interview over phone don't offer the opportunities of observing body language however , as whole talking over phone even in you own language is a different communication skill.
        Articles in above links saying about also the tone of voice, pitch of your voice etc can be applied in Phone interview as well. But yes it's a bit difficult.

        Yes the point of writing skill is different and when it is an essay. Though I don't know why university puts that criteria for admission? Well it's their area they can do so , because they don't prepare anyone for society they just sell Certification.

        English is not my motther tongue as well . But what I used to improve ( I am not good still now) & is still doing is for spoken fluency , when I was in Unversity with one of my friend I decided every at least 1 hour we will speak only English , with out bothering about right or wrong gramatically. That helped I guess both of us.
        For written English , I am greatly indebted to my father until I didn't go in Unversity dorm since my childhood I have to translate a para or two of my langauge in to english every evening and show it to him. Then while in unversity again , I started reading more English Newspaper, literatures etc to improve as I was doing my gradutaion on wards in English medium.
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        May 31 2011: AS to something like a university essay, making a friend in the foreign language through a site that specializes in ESL like Dave's cafe might be a good idea. There you will find people who are interested in such work who might be willing to help you.

        EVen here at TED you might find a friend.

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