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What about the Spanish Revolution?

eople have become increasingly frustrated by the many problems in Spain: Over 20% unemployment rate and over 30% youth unemployment rate, incompetent politicians unable to deal with the effects of the crisis, extremely high housing prices both for rental and purchase, a mortgage system that ties mortgage holders for life to the bank if the real estate is sold for under the loan amount, and a general discontent with the status of the political landscape (especially the effective two-party system of the center-right People's Party and the center-left Spanish Socialist Workers' Party).


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    May 26 2011: Even all you said is true I don't think that politicians must have the kind of economical and social privileges the actually have in Spain. This is something impossible to understand for anyone. Their salaries and conditions are not reasonable in any sense. I think we should change this at least...

    Democracia Real Ya is an independent movement supported by most of spanish young people and that because they don't belong to any establishment. In my opinion the problems are their structures... but anyways... Most of us want to normalize the politicians privileges.
    • May 26 2011: I agree with you on the injustice of all these privileges.

      The problem is :
      if you do that, they are going to be more corruptable by the rest of the elite (financial elite in particular).

      What can you do to stop that ?
      Take also the privileges of the others ? Difficult without violence.

      I heard that in Brasil Lula has put all financial transactions in control by a software.
      Companies used to hide wealth by not paying tax and putting a lot in offshore banks.
      With this system it was difficult to hide transactions to Bermudes, Caiman, Switzerland or others.

      In my point of vue, it' a great way to keep wealth in your country.
      More you have, more you can share.

      I've read that Switzerland has 25% of all the World savings.

      In the other hand, if you don't do it everywhere your companies are going to be less competitive compare to others.

      It has to be a global change.

      What do you think ?

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