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What about the Spanish Revolution?

eople have become increasingly frustrated by the many problems in Spain: Over 20% unemployment rate and over 30% youth unemployment rate, incompetent politicians unable to deal with the effects of the crisis, extremely high housing prices both for rental and purchase, a mortgage system that ties mortgage holders for life to the bank if the real estate is sold for under the loan amount, and a general discontent with the status of the political landscape (especially the effective two-party system of the center-right People's Party and the center-left Spanish Socialist Workers' Party).


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  • May 26 2011: Hi Javier,

    I'm really impressed by what's happening in Spain and as an half spanish guy really proud too :)

    I've been thinking in how to change this frustrating system for 4 years now. I've read a lot even to know if it wasn't more dangerous to give the power to people by using real representative democracy.

    And finally, my conclusion is the same as Socrates :
    if the knowlegde and the wisdom of the people is sufficient, real democracy is possible and more or equally efficient as elitists systems like oligarchy, aristocracy or others.

    May be I'm wrong but I think Spanish people are looking for a solution but they are frustrated because they don't see a clear.solution.
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      May 26 2011: Thanks David,

      The point is that everything what happens here and is related to politicians is just a joke. Their benefits are unfair and the justice demonstrate that most of them are under corruption. So why they are not in jail? Why they still free and getting paid? Our country is a shame in these terms.

      Thanks a lot!
      • May 26 2011: I'm really sorry to say that, but it's the same everywhere in the rich countries.
        I live in France and we have two big partys, PS and UMP.
        I've been living in London last year and it's also the same, 2 big partys: Tories and Labour.
        Even their symbolic colours are the same (Red, Blue) and if you are lucky there's a third one in Orange :)

        Do you think this political party system is define somewhere ?
        Try to find a constitution talking about it.

        So, as usual the Ego inside Man resulted in creating an elite (after they decided to use this system) and when you have an elite you have corruption.
        Few people are easier to corrupt than many.

        But are democracia ya trying to find a kind of solution ?

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