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What do you think a teenager should do when he is interested in so many things that he cannot settle for any option for his future?

What do you think a teenager should do when he is interested in so many things that he cannot settle for any option for his future?


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  • May 28 2011: And yes, they might change professions more often.

    Fourth, sometimes it doesn't really matter how old you are, because you'll always feel attracted toward different interests. In different times it would have been harder to pursue those interests, so someone would enforce a path upon you and you would do whatever your parents wanted you to, or whatever your social condition allowed you to aspire to, etc. Today you are presented with the gift of choice. And choosing is hard.

    So, finally, my advice (mostly derived from experience): if there's something you really, really, love, choose it, even if it's slightly unrealistic (better to pursue your one true dream - even if for a limited period of time, because money really is necessary in life - than to spend the rest of your time trying to convince yourself of how rational and sensible your decision was). But since you seem to be divided, well, what about choosing one of your interests as a career and the others as hobbies, or side-jobs? And might you couple some of your interests into the same career (multi-disciplinary approaches are valued in certain fields).

    And since we're in a time of crisis and there's a shortage of jobs (and new types of jobs coming to life while others face extinction), I would add this: if one of your interests presents itself as a safer choice in terms of future employment opportunities and / or earning prospects, it might work as the decisive factor.

    Anyway, don't worry too much. If you're anything like me, in a decade you'll still be figuring out what you want to do with the rest of your life. Just make sure the next decade is filled with experiences that allow you to grow and work in something that's meaningful to you.
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      May 30 2011: Ahah thanks a lot for your advice,I quite agree with your point of view.I do not know why i am writing in english since you and i are Portuguese.
      O meu maior problema neste momento e ter ido para a area errada,e agora nao tenho as disciplinas necessarias para ingressar em cursos que me tem interessado mais...vou talvez ficar um ano apos o decimo segundo para fazer as discipinas especificas de ciencias,para que possa entrar na faculdade de farmacia,porque ultimamente tem me cativado imenso,a investigacao viral,e tudo o que esta associado.
      • May 31 2011: Bem, pelo que vejo já tens um plano. Se o problema é "perderes" um ano, mais vale agora, do que começares um curso que não te cativa realmente e depois acabares na mesma por trocar, com mais tempo e dinheiro investidos. Acho que as pessoas não têm todas de fazer o mesmo percurso em linha recta nem terminar o curso com a mesma idade.

        Dito isto, boa sorte!

        PS: daqui a uns tempos provavelmente irás perceber que teres ido para a "área errada" te dá uma vantagem em relação aos teus futuros colegas. Não terás muita dificuldade em recuperar a formação de base e por outro lado vais ter um ponto de vista diferente dos teus colegas que te pode vir a ser bastante útil.
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          Jun 1 2011: Muito obrigado!espero que sim,em relacao a vantagem.
          por mais que nao seja,tive experiencias boas nesta are errada =)

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