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Do the creators of advertising have any obligation other than to drive results for clients?

Clearly, a lot of people believe that intelligent, engaging advertising is also the most effective. But it's equally clear that a lot of people don't. Just watch TV.

Most broadcast advertising is still intrusive -- the audience doesn't seek it, it seeks them. Beyond the obvious responsibility to be effective for the client, do people who make ads have any responsibility to enlighten, inform or entertain the audience?

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    Jun 5 2011: Chuck, I believe any opportunity to enlighten and inform is a good one. When faced with the typical advertising assignments we are often placing our client's objectives (obviously) on the fore front. "Sell this" - "Drive this" It becomes the cretive obligation of the team behind the ideal to propel that notion forward. Where we see true success is inour ability as creatives to infuse a broader message. As you know advertising is refelective of the heartbeat of the people at any given moment. Truly successful campaigns tap into that rythm and offer up innovative ways to "sell", "entertain" and hopefully enlighten.
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      Jun 5 2011: Hi Chris well said..glad to have you here. What you have added to this conversation is very similar to what Chuck said, below.

      I like your further observation that when ad creators can give added value to the client and to to the public by tapping into and reflecting the most positive heartbeats.

      Seems so small but if every ad had that extra positive spin on the the rythmns and heartneats of the pubkic at arge it could have a very dramatic positive impact on culture as a whole. Glad if that is already a strategy for your ad campaigns.

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