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The internet, 10 years from now.

I would like ask the TED community where they thought the internet would be 10 years from now.

Now i'm no computer enthusiast by any means, nor do I posses computer skills any more advanced that your average open minded 25 year old. Today, I looked back on what computers, inparticularly the internet, have gone from to in such a short space of time and I was impressed to say the extreme least.

I have heard internet, mobile phone and computer companies are holding back 5 and even ten years worth of technology in order to continually make profit in the coming years. What could they be holding back?

I just have a few questions i'd be delighted put to TED and gather some ideas to accompany my own.

> Are there any limitations?
> Surely there is only so fast the internet can be?
> Will the speed of technological evolution slow down? Increase? perhaps an Inverted U?

My main question is however,

> What specific additions, functions or abilities do you see computers and the Internet obtaining in the next ten years?

- I want to know what my 2021 laptop will be able to do!?

Thanks for your time and ideas - Davie Webb


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  • May 25 2011: I'm not sure what the net will be like in the future. But I do know that I dont want anyone restricting access and regulating what we can access in the net.

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