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What is your favourite book? If several - choose the best (or the worst)!

The question is very popular and doesn't make bids for originality. But anyway I'd like to get to know books that impressed you most of all ( in a good or may be bad way) and I will surely read them ))


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    May 25 2011: Well, you will get better books than my favorite book ever im sure, however it is my favorite for a slightly different reason.

    I was never really a reader growing up, 25 now and I have been reading since about 21.. im hooked! the book that changed my entire outlook and also enspired my reading through university was Child44 By Tom Rob Smith. I was traveling around Thailand with a lot of time to spare with long journeys and strenuous days on the beaches.. and I thought, one last try, im going to try a book. stumbled across Child44 in part exchange, backpacker bookshop and i can honestly say its the most enjoyable and significant book ive ever read.

    I took the liberty of stealing this from Amazon.com - it sums it up really well. I loved how it was a cocktail of horror, love, stalinist Russia and fantastic characters! if you do read it, let me know what you think :)

    If all that Tom Rob Smith had done was to re-create Stalinist Russia, with all its double-speak hypocrisy, he would have written a worthwhile novel. He did so much more than that in Child 44, a frightening, chilling, almost unbelievable horror story about the very worst that Stalin's henchmen could manage. In this worker's paradise, superior in every way to the decadent West, the citizen's needs are met: health care, food, shelter, security. All one must offer in exchange are work and loyalty to the State. Leo Demidov is a believer, a former war hero who loves his country and wants only to serve it well. He puts contradictions out of his mind and carries on. Until something happens that he cannot ignore. A serial killer of children is on the loose, and the State cannot admit it.

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      May 25 2011: I will read it in close future and I promise let you know what I think of the book ))
      p.s. Have you read the second part of the book "The Secret Speech"?
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        May 26 2011: yeah i've read the secret speech and i think the final book about the leo is out soon.
        it's not amazing, but i enjoyed it simply because i was in deep with the characters involved. it's not a patch on the first but i enjoyed it all the same.

        excellent, let me no what u think! there has not been a single person (out of about a dozen) who has not throughly enjoyed the book!

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