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Do you know who gave this TED talk?

Rex Rose January 23 at 8:38pm
Could you ask your TED buddies to ID a TED talk for me? I have been looking for it forever, but I can't find it. It is I think a commencement address to maybe Princeton or some NE ivy by a prof with long gray hair and a formidable beard and mustache in which he talks about the social score-keeping about whether one member is doing his share or not with an example of fish with a mirror. I think there was talk of bonobos or other great primates, too, and how hope is important even if everything is hopeless. This was not in Monterrey, but it was put on the TED site.
January 25 at 6:41pm No, he definitely wasn't Jane Goodall. I can't remember much more. He was a distinguished hippie professor in probably a tweed suit, and he gave an atheist's hat tip to religion as something that works toward a higher purpose and admonished the students to have hope and work to change the world when all evidence suggests that an individual has no chance of changing the world. There was a bit about how most animals, even fish, keep very tabs on whether others are pulling their own weight, and tend to not cooperate if an individual is not doing his fair share. It could have been sociology or psychology or biology, but if my impression is correct, it would be biology.
February 5 at 10:44am
Also, Julie thinks the talk I want to find was an address to Yale. Not sure tho.

Rex is an author, educator, and web designer... with a good sense of humor. I hope someone knows which talk he is hunting for!