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Israel/Palestine conflict, call to pre-1967 boarders

The right seems to be parroting the phrase "Obama threw Israel under the bus" with out a solid explanation of why Israel has the right to the territory they seized in the six days war. What is your position on the "Right of Return?" Or the right of the displaced Palestinians to return to their settlements.

What is the position of those who think Obama "threw Israel under the bus?"


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    Jun 3 2011: The Jews didn't deserve a state. No nation has the right to get other people's lands and have the help of other nations to take it over. It was wrong. I don't care if the Jews felt entitled to that land because once it was the home of their kingdom. Should we take a piece of land from India and gift it to the Romani people? Well, they might have lived there once, so they also deserve a state, right? I mean, they were hunted and killed like animals in WWII too and to this day they are still persecuted and deported from country to country.

    People need to understand that it is not easy for the Palestinians to simply ''get over it'' and recognize the state of Israel. What would you do if you were in their shoes? I would also have a hard time. Palestinians were kicked out of their land, their homes and they are now treated like immigrants in their own land.

    I understand,however, that Israelis can't be kicked out of their lands today. I can't tell a 40 year old Israeli man who has lived his whole life there that he can't live there anymore. Two wrongs don't make a right and doing the same to Israel wouldn't be correct either. This is what the Palestinians need to understand and hopefully have some compassion and make an agreement with Israel.

    I also think it makes it hard to negotiate with Israel since they have so much protection and the Palestinians don't have the same. Unequal bargaining power never results in a fair result.

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