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We've Facebook, Ebay,Google, iApps, TED, Youtube etc..... What we still remain in Internet World ?

What is not yet accomplished by Internet to our life. As we already have place for Social networking, Sharing , doing business, to get and provide Education, for entertainment and lot many things.
What we still looking for....?


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    May 24 2011: A system that allows real time personal interactions with others on a site outside of your personal network. Something to simulate the chance encounters that occur on the street. It's getting harder to start random conversations when people are always involved in their developed network, i.e. being on the cell phone.
    • May 25 2011: chat roulette?
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        May 25 2011: Never really been on that site but I've heard a lot of things such as it's mainly a bunch of people exposing themselves. Also the point of that site is to communicate where I was more thinking of the association as a byproduct. When you go to a site for another purpose being able to associate with another on that site. Like if I go to wikipedia and am looking into WWI and someone else is looking into WWI at the same time we can collaborate and share information.
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          May 27 2011: I had a feeling someone was going to bring up chat roulette eventually haha. I wouldn't bring it up as an example at all. I have to agree with Thomas. CR is more of a very random game than a way of meeting people. it's more of a way of seeing people if you get my drift lol

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