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We've Facebook, Ebay,Google, iApps, TED, Youtube etc..... What we still remain in Internet World ?

What is not yet accomplished by Internet to our life. As we already have place for Social networking, Sharing , doing business, to get and provide Education, for entertainment and lot many things.
What we still looking for....?

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    May 24 2011: Some ideas (not all are good)

    * Social control networks
    * Community to virtual countries with parallel tax and income systems
    * verbal interaction with pc
    * A complete documented systems of virtual layers worldwide, with virtual objects &c.
    * Deep democracy systems
    * Open data (& visualisation) everywhere
    * Brain connections with the cloud
    * Rewiring and re-shaping of the real-world with those tools
    * Meeting places where groups of people go online together (instead of individuals coming together online)
    * AI- life coach
    * Biomonitoring
    * More sensors connected to the cloud
    * (free), open and smart integrating and commutating systems for everybody to use according to personal needs and demands.
    * more Alternate reality games (like Urgent Evoke, but improved)
    * personal virtual aura's

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      May 25 2011: Thanks Christophe, really good list of things which fulfill our demands... But I am quite sure that the day once we'll achieved all listed ideas that day We Will have New List waiting :)
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        May 25 2011: Indeed, and hence will we build on and evolve... I think we can go on in that direction for quite a while... Though i don't know what will eventually come of it though...
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      May 25 2011: The first has me in a ?

      The second,i thumbs down,unrealistic when the current state of the net is not fractured by belongs to all of us at this moment in time,the why would you want to chop it up? capitalism? if sarkozy and the others get their way then i suppose it'll be on the drawing board.

      In implementing that system in what way would it be democratic? the need to copy reality into this communication medium just means one thing.

      Social control networks?
      What does that mean?
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        May 25 2011: :-) no problem with you (or anybody) evaluating the ideas Ken, I think that is what one must do before going ahead and try and execute them.

        By social control network, I mean a network where social control exists.
        Like a village has a social control network, and any community has in some degree...
        social control is what pushes us to behave more or less the same (it is a group dynamic), that can create a sense of unity and cultural and moral behaviors.
        By forming new groups through internet, social control will arise as well...
        But I was referring to making it more explicit, conscious... in the sense that the social control gets applications for everybody to use as they please to judge other people, or rate them on a range of scales (a lot of scales are thinkable)... like on early facebook (it still exists), where you compare and rank friends on certain values (some more as a game, others more serious.
        By pushing and visualizing to others what other people think of them (which can be seen as a possible threat to some individuals), one can see 'voted characteristics' of the person without you even know him.
        This can have advantages and disadvantages... if things are in the open, people tend to behave differently than when in private, (people are often more cooperative when they are being observed).
        Clearly, there are dangers and advantages in pushing or executing this idea...

        Like membership fees in groups you join, the money gets used for activities. by joining a club (or community), you (implicitly or explicitly) comply to the rules. If the group decides the rules on a democratic basis, then it is democratic... (and if you call the group a virtual country, on can draw a lot from the country-metaphor thinking to copy a lot of the properties a country now typically has).
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          May 27 2011: yeah i just don't like the word "Country" How about the word "City"?mind you i'm losing my sense of borders,it's becoming more everyday a 20th century concept.
    • May 30 2011: We're presently working on one of your idea. Might even change the world ( a little ;)
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    May 29 2011: A return to innocence..
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    May 24 2011: We are looking for ourselves. We go online to find our identity. We go online to connect and get affirmation.
    You can find it online. You can find people to support you or affirm your sense of identity and self.

    When you ask what we are looking for online, I think we are looking for ourselves.
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      May 24 2011: Lem: Isn't that true of socializing in general?
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    May 28 2011: Yes ,there are many things we are looking for in Internet,such as 3D .we can feel that we were doing shopping in the supermarket at home.
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    May 25 2011: An interactive street view map. For years I have though it would be really neat if I could go to a town on the internet and 'walk' down the street, then as I pass businesses have a link to their website and maybe include a live chat option (if the business is so inclined). This way if I remember a little shop I visited while on vacation but do not remember the name I can virtually visit it because I remember where it was. Also the stores could tie in their inventory to this so not only do I get the layout of the town where I can 'walk' down the street I can also browse the shops and make purchases.
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      May 27 2011: I am currently designing a product with my team that is doing something very similar. I'll give you a beta pass when it's ready :)
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        May 27 2011: Sweet!
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        May 29 2011: wow sargis thats really good thing... plz send me link of that so that
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          May 29 2011: When it's ready, for sure Vimal. Thanks for your interest.
      • May 30 2011: Sounds like Google Street View. Businesses can Tag their website hyperlink to their shop facade if they want to. About the live chat, I recommend simply walking into the shop...
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          Jun 1 2011: Hard to walk into a shop if I'm a few hundred miles away.
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      May 29 2011: Thomas: well thats a really good point, but i am sure as google has made street view facility and by which we can virtually visit those street . As they adding more functionalities in it then in near future you will get those thing .
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    Jun 1 2011: A highlighter feature that allows me to highlight text on different pages and when I return to the page the text is still highlighted. These would be great for research to refind particular points. Highlights that could be set to last different lengths of time may be useful. As well as different colors and search abilities by labeling projects/categories as highlighting is taking place to create search parameters for later access. Maybe link this with a bibliography or quoted text tool to be able to credit works in an article.
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    May 31 2011: Our global home today is beset with great risks, great inequalities and unsustainable use of our mother earth ( My general suggestions are (1) for us to formulate one clear vision of a strategic transformation our world, a unifying vision so people can bring their hearts to hope and help more; and (2) we develop a unified information and social network platform to integrate all reform movements and expand the people's involvement. The platform would help deliver changes in the political and economic fronts.
  • May 28 2011: Speed. Why am I waiting even one second for pages to load? Also, physical, real-world objects. If I lose my keys, why can't I log on, type in "my keys," and find out where they are? I'd also love to be able to turn off my lights from the internet, or from my cell phone for that matter.

    Wallet and keys. Why do I have to carry a wallet and keys? Shouldn't my phone have the money, cards, pictures and keys I need? Business cards. What's up with business cards? Why are they still around? Shouldn't I be able to just send a catchy ad to my new friend's call phone, perhaps with a small alarm reminding him to call me at an appointed time? It would save paper and be so much more convenient.

    How about holograms, smells, and textures? The internet doesn't have those yet.
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    May 25 2011: Technology is changing at a rapid pace. With a short span of time, we've witnessed a vast change in technological sector and its impact on our daily lives can be felt. With the rate at which the technology is evolving, it is hard to predict what will happen in the near future. What is today everyone's handy gadget may not be so tomorrow. With the passage of time and evolution in technology, new products will appear in the market but only a few will reign the rest will disappear. However the change they introduced in our lives will remain or in other words the changes in technology will change our lives.
  • May 25 2011: Wonderful things achieved, a lot of things more on the way as some listed by Mr. Christophe. What is not yet completely accomplished by the internet is to reach the remaining 26% of world's population which is still not connected with the rest of the earth’s citizens through internet and are not benefited too.
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    May 24 2011: StumbleUpon and Android of course..
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    May 24 2011: Just wait for next Steve Jobes or Bill Gates or Zukerberg or Larry Page or Jerry Yang or Nikolus Zennstorm and so on ........... then world not only will see but also will wonder what next ? :)
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    May 24 2011: A system that allows real time personal interactions with others on a site outside of your personal network. Something to simulate the chance encounters that occur on the street. It's getting harder to start random conversations when people are always involved in their developed network, i.e. being on the cell phone.
    • May 25 2011: chat roulette?
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        May 25 2011: Never really been on that site but I've heard a lot of things such as it's mainly a bunch of people exposing themselves. Also the point of that site is to communicate where I was more thinking of the association as a byproduct. When you go to a site for another purpose being able to associate with another on that site. Like if I go to wikipedia and am looking into WWI and someone else is looking into WWI at the same time we can collaborate and share information.
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          May 27 2011: I had a feeling someone was going to bring up chat roulette eventually haha. I wouldn't bring it up as an example at all. I have to agree with Thomas. CR is more of a very random game than a way of meeting people. it's more of a way of seeing people if you get my drift lol